You love life..the funfair and frenzy, you relish Friday nights, according to you it’s a perfect avenue to let go of the stress that’s been building up all week, so there you are on that leather couch, sipping from the glass cup in your hands, you’re not too drunk to notice the charming gentleman that’s been winking at you all night long, then in the few minutes that follow you dance with him and let him talk dirty in your ears. Two hours later your naked figure is lying on a bed, used condoms are littered on the floor and the gentleman is obviously fatigued and is knocked out….snoring. It’s a normal scenario for you so you simply go under the duvet and sleep on till morning.


You find it difficult to ignore the ladies, everyday you walk along the road you come across beautiful ladies and you always try to get them to notice you. All you need is for them to smile at you…Maybe wink or blush…you just need a sign! Then you get to work, you’re a smooth talker so it’s quite easy to get them to believe you. You promise them the heavens; you make promises and profess a ‘specie’ of love deep enough to make Romeo and Juliet jealous, but all you want is ‘victory’, you see every lady as a game of poker and you only derive satisfaction when her legs are spread apart and you’re kneeling in front of her, struggling to get your condom on… the clock on the wall ticks and plays a perfect symphony for you while you enjoy the spoil.


Two illustrations from very different angles but with striking similarities, sex is so easy to indulge in as long as you can find someone eager enough to “participate”. We even chase after sex like there’s an accolade attached to it, these days it’s as simple as sharing a cup of coffee, sex is now an occupation! It pays the bills, buys you the new phone and even gets you the job. Great sex is economically a good idea…..that’s how the society has made it look. A young man takes serious pride in bragging to his friends about how many “ladies he has laid” and the girls always want to have the richest “sex job”. Even when ‘accidents’ happen there’s no self-flagellation of any sort, no guilt and certainly no dent in our self esteem. The term guilt is frigidly relevant and doesn’t hold any ground with the ailing state of our moral pedigree. As much as we have made sex an expedient diet, how mindful are we of our body count? I’m sure a large number of us won’t be able to fathom what I mean by body count, it’s all about the number of times we have had sex. If you still know your count then you can give yourself a pat on the back! The concept was designed to help us checkmate and control our “sexual exploits”, it also indirectly helps to give us a stronger resolve to reserve sex for those “magical” moments. I came along a picture some days back with a very strong inscription and it read-

Every man you have sex with deposits and leaves a part of his soul in you… many soul ties are you walking around with?”

It’s a very short phrase but then its message is as strong as they come…we can decide to decrypt the term “soul ties” whichever way we want but the question that kept popping in my head was ….what if there’s a greater consequence for every body count? I don’t mean the STD’s or the “sin sermons”…what if there’s a lot more? Would you be more cautious when it comes to sex? I’m sure we are all aware of the answer! So why not start today? A drink in the club or money should never be a collateral for sex….we can start making our body count actually…COUNT!


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In a society where the average man’s daily income is less than 500 naira, where a mother is not ensured proper health care after child birth. Where everybody’s downfall is attributed to “Juju”, all casting sight away from laziness and ill-luck, I think there is always going to be religion. When people search deeply for something to cling to, someone to cry and lay their blames on they finally run towards religion with their arms wide open. Sincerely, it’s a very comfortable place to be, with soothing words for everyone. If you doubt me take a walk to the Baptist church in Minnesota, Cambridge or even Lagos and then watch how the black lady stomps her feet on the ground each time the preacher drops those soft words, mild like cotton, the tears are visible in her eyes, she vehemently needs vital intervention from something divine because she thrives in a system that just doesn’t care about her. So she is going to scream Hallelujah so loud for the rest of her days and then when she is old and withered she finds self-comfort and assurance in the fact that God has a better place for her. Even if she can’t wear good clothes or get proper health care, even though life has built barricades around her dreams, she just can’t wait to get to heaven.

Millions of people around the world just like her, be it a Quran, Bible or any religious item we hold unto its always going to be there because we are scared of the truth. The truth is too sharp and if we let it in it’s definitely going to pierce through us so bad, so we blind ourselves. Most people are even selective with the passages of their “holy-books”, they cling to pages that emphasise on hope, that elaborate on prosperity but stone their thoughts and glances away from those lines that teach love, those phrases that plead for kindness from mankind. I feel we have carved out our own religion only that we haven’t given it a name yet. The extremists that take several lives away as well as theirs, that isn’t taught in the QURAN! But they have let what they feel is JUST influence the doctrines they ought to stick to. At one end you have to walk bare feet as you head to church and on the other side you have to tie up your hair to seek God’s presence.  Religion is so diverse and segregated, it is almost all cut up like our different tribes and ethnics, I strongly feel it shouldn’t go that way! , I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we joked about something, he said we now have A MILLION ROUTES TO HEAVEN it is now left for us to decide which path we choose to thread on. I’m a very practical person and I have read the Quran and the Bible as well, I’m not the type of individual that chooses to be a Christian just because his parents are Christians, have you even paused to scrutinize the landmarks that set you upon where you now stand?, if your parents or guardians were of a different religion would you have had the insight to depict that you were practising something “wrong” (mind you I put that in quote, it’s no assertion). Most of us are where we are today because we were placed there.

   Well I don’t want to delve too deep, my purpose of writing was to wound your thoughts, just superficial wounds, tiny yet strong enough to make you question your fundamentals. If you doubt all I’ve said then why do you think the hooker runs to church after a gory night, one the devil himself will shy away from? So many other instances I could point out but I guess by now the picture is clear to you. We all follow one religion or the other, yet the world is still plunged in darkness.  Hope this serves as a wake up call to everyone reading this, our belief in God should guide our lives and not tear us apart.Copyright

© . Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material on this blog and website without express and written permission from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. e-mail: