Dominoes falling

 Der Führer (German: “The Leader”), the Absolute Dictator, so was the legendary Adolf Hitler called. Six Million Jews died at the hand of one man. Would this have been avoided? Someone once said that ‘imagine if a car had knocked down the Seven year old Hitler, that one unplanned act would have saved millions from Satan’s spawn. You notice how one action leads to another. Hitler was an ASPIRING ARTIST; he tried to enter into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna(remember this), but was rejected, in that frustration he drowned himself in chains of anti-social behaviour, and this formed Hitler’s underlying vile lifestyle. Many years later he volunteered for the German army as the First World War started; he joined the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, served excellently for many years, and rose to the apex of German Leadership.Now imagine if he was accepted into the Academy of fine arts years before, reckon the domino effect. No action is inconsequential, not even inactivity.

September 2014, I redeployed my service from Jos to Calabar, I got to Calabar primed for the surreal experience but it didn’t start so well. In my second week in Calabar I was mugged by two knife-wielding thugs. If I tell you how many aspects of my life that near-fatal experience changed, you would think I was playing. The focus it gave me, I got back to writing, I got back to my God, I suddenly felt the urgent need to achieve greatness before the next mugging, serious, I spent five months without a smartphone, before now I fancied this to be impossible. Now imagine if I wasn’t attacked, I probably would have continued with my carefree life, the domino effect transformed a horrible event into many functional occurrences.

The cycle of action and reaction requires us humans to be tactful with even the smallest of detail, for fate connects our actions.So if today I present to you a Time Machine, to change that one action that can change everything, what would that be? Platitudes like “no regrets”, “the past is the past”, really express the counterpoint. In Men in Black 3(2012), Agent J (Will Smith) had to travel over 40 years back in time to stop a potential alien invasion, a fictional illustration about how actions connect. In reality,we may not be able to travel back in time to alter the present or future, what we can do however, is shape the present into a future with little or no regrets. I’m not a “que sera, sera” person and I don’t advise anyone to be. Every action has a reaction, sooner or later. So that so called inconsequential deed you are doing now, can either raise or ruin you.

Bad things happen, I know, and no one wants bad things to happen, not me, but sometimes that’s the exact wake-up call your mind needs; you get what you give, you give what you get. One High School teacher told me something I would never forget, “if you would not learn from other peoples’ experiences, Fate would give you your own experiences”. The very moment you choose to be static and stunted, fate takes over. It’s simply the cycle of life, improvement is non-negotiable; even Dangote wants more money, if you refuse to improve, life demotes you,there’s no room for mediocrity only improvement, no vacuum or the stationary lifestyle. You are either going up or coming down.

Yea I’m blunt, it’s the new cool, but really, you need to get back on track now, pick up the pieces of that broken house and start rebuilding, you must, not because Jv says so, but because it’s the only way to go. The domino effect multiplied my one bad event into many favourable events; imagine what it does with purposely done good deeds, magic! Today, be purpose driven; take charge of your life. They say the best way to predict the future is to create it! let fate watch. The future is here; play now, win now, don’t wait till extra time, the referee might blow.

Written by John Iyoha @Jonhelsing.



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