the little bits...
the little bits… 

There was this guy

He found me while he was looking for himself. We exchanged hearts and got wasted. High off of our own fears. One night he took me to a meadow and kissed me under the moon. His lips pressed upon mine, as though he needed to lubricate his words to say goodbye. He handed me back my heart and apologized. He said he hasn’t found himself as yet and shouldn’t be falling for an angel when he might turn out to be a devil. Angels needed to be with angels.

There was this guy

He barged into my life. I paid no heed to him at first, because he seemed not so different from the rest. But he demanded my attention. He took my hand and walked me through his world, his past and present. His interests, hobbies, bonds, and his heart.
I swear, I fell for his everything. He promised me his love if I gave him a tour of my world. I wanted love. I wanted it so bad.
But as time went by, he lost interest in me. He left and I was the last to know.
Drunk texts were sent to him and he didn’t care. So I built a shield, and I wore a god damn mask. I rewired my heart and I spent my days surviving.
I’ve written so much about this hurt that I actually ran out of words.
I became different. An ugly side of me surfaced and I felt okay, even though it wasn’t the way for angels to heal.

But then there’s this guy

I can never get enough of him. When I thought that everything was over for me, he came in and listened to every word I had to say. I tried to shut him out, but instead, this amazing soul found the only hammer that could break down these walls. The only weapon to destroy my shield, and the only tool to peel of my mask. He made peace with my demons, and all he had to do was smile like the devil.

I believe

I know

I have never loved like this before, and if he were to leave,
I can never love like this again.

The truth is, angels belong with devils. Chaotic but fucking beautiful.

Macy Maywalall is a new contributor on Ceeflod!
Macy Maywalall is a new contributor on Ceeflod!

I am Macy Maywalall, 18 years of age. Born and grew up in Georgetown, Guyana.
Coffee lover and I may have a slight obsession for cats.
Writing is the only gateway to serenity for me. It is like a world away from the one we live in.
I have always been a fan of poetry mainly because I found bits and pieces of myself in them



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