I am a chronic talkative but it’s something I tell people with pride, I always jump into people’s conversation whether they mind or not. I am also a journalist. Journalism has been a contrast of my true self, I now have to listen more and talk less, and I was once of the opinion that my career was gradually transforming me into a mannequin of some sort.

Five years ago I was a freelance journalist in Lagos…yes you heard me right, Lagos A.K.A Lasgidi! .Life then was very tough for me, I had to hop from one BRT bus to the other, I also had to beg people to share their opinions on events that had occurred, and I had to try to be nice .

Saying I am a nice person is like saying H.I.V doesn’t exist but you have nothing to worry about……I am an exceptional actor. I can laugh at the worst joke; I can keep a straight face even when my hidden laughter has my pant soaked in urine. I don’t freelance anymore and I am now a stable journalist, I don’t have to run around to get interviews, my boss is well connected and hooks me up with politicians, celebrities and everybody that matter in the country. I also have had crazy experiences and I think I should talk about my interview with a certain Governor.

That morning my boss called me on the phone and told me the Governor was expecting me in his office by 10am………I was shocked and exited at the same time! I quickly had my bath, put on my trouser and T-shirt that had become my uniform, I picked up my recorder and quickly drafted out some questions. As I made to leave my room, I glanced at my mirror and realized that I looked too tough, my muscular arms didn’t complement the top that I had on, so I changed into a gown that showed a bit of my cleavage (it wasn’t intentional) and then I dashed off to the government house. By the time I got there I was sweating profusely, I had to go through his rather strict protocol and at last I was ushered into the rather controversial Governors office.

“Good morning miss” he said

“Good morning sir” I replied

He stretched out his hands for a handshake and help unto my hands for quite a while.

“You are glowing miss Matilda; I certainly love what I’m seeing”

I wondered how he knew my name but then I remembered that I told his chief protocol officer my name a while ago. He kept his eyes fixed on my breasts and I could have sworn that I saw tears run down his face. I placed my recorder on the table, and started with the interview.

The governor turned out to be a very interesting man; I was laughing in no time and even abandoned the questions I had drafted. He kept his eyes fixed on my boobs all through the interview and kept taking deep breaths like he was drawing inspiration from them. To cut the story short, it’s been two years since then and I have let the Governor suck my breast several times……please don’t ask me why! With all sincerity I love what I do, with every story I learn, I feel my heart perforate and my soul connect in ways unimaginable. I could be covering a car accident, I could be interviewing a suspected fraudster and I often wonder if my little recorder and shrill voice is worthy enough to tell stories so big, stories that could make Zeus cry and Apollo laugh. My research before an interview has given me so much insight and knowledge…..I love my job. The Governor is on the line now……hold on….I have to pick his call…so bye for now!


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