On your marks…..

Get set…..



These are the words said before the sprint, I’m not using them metaphorically, and this piece is all about those lines. I always wonder what goes through an athlete’s mind as he kneels on the floor, sweat dripping from his face; he has probably spent three or more years of his life just for that fifteen seconds surge. The drills and hard work could lead to something beautiful, a gold medal……… brooches and the beam light over the podium. It could also leads to tears and frustration; believe me when I say the pendulum could swing in any direction regardless of how determined and motivated they are. Now let’s try to apply this to our everyday life, the student that spends several weeks studying just for a thirty minutes paper or the patient that has waited several months for a new heart to be available, how does the student feel in those few seconds before the exam, how does the patient feel as he lies down on the operating table…………the next few hours could determine if he’ll be alive to witness his daughters graduation but then all he can do is hope for the best. What do we do when we work so hard for something but end up losing them, when we know what we want or what to do but can’t do anything because our fate is in someone else’s hands… we quit? Do we allow fear and depression to set in? or should we get on our marks full of purpose and GO!, on the tracks there are always a couple other sprinters all after the same price, the race is never run alone, it’s always a competition….I chose these illustrations because life is so similar to the race track, none of us dropped from the sky, or from our mums sex affair with Zeus….that’s all fictional! Reality is all about the competition, there’s always a war to fight, as children growing up it was probably the class bully, as we grew it became the race for love, success and self relevance. We all know what happens when a sprinter sprains an ankle or for some reason falls to the ground……..nobody stops! Because at that point nobody really cares about you……..everyone is after the same price. Your friends could neglect you at any point, it has always been a constant in life, the people you thought had your back all of a sudden live you out in the cold….what matters at the end of the day is what you make out of life……friends are baskets that could perforate at any time, so as you lay your eggs in several baskets make sure yours is very full and sealed, Don’t be an empty vessel that relies on people for everything, you must steadily develop yourself. Despite the ups and downs we might encounter in the struggle, despite the number of times we might lose out in the race, the idea of victory and the red ribbon against our chest at the end of the race should propel us to push on.

So instead of grumbling and feeling all depressed…….get on your marks and GO!


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