I write this piece mindful of the fact that I’m a culprit as well! A sober one but that doesn’t vindicate me in any way, if you usually just browse through articles here, you have to take your time to read this. The topic today is as viral as STD’s get, whatever is generally acceptable is considered to be sane, but sanity itself is no longer a general attribute. I saw a video clip some days ago and it really made sense to me and I think it’s only proper I write about it today, it’s about the gap technology has placed between us and the real life, we seek relevance on social medias, so that’s why we hustle for Instagram likes, Twitter followers and a large Facebook base. We seat in a room for several hours, typing on our phone with people that will only access us based on the hot pictures we upload or the so often false image we create and that bond ends the moment we put that phone down and then we realize the emptiness. That void is stemmed from reality, the moment you lose the phone you lose your sense of importance and then you’re faced with the TRUTH…. You are just a boy or girl with no real friends, living a life bereft of the experiences you could have if only you put down that phone. Tablets, Notebooks and Smartphones will never take the place of real friendship, a walk in the park, a lovely date in a restaurant, real hugs and kisses instead of emoticons! Now that’s what life is about, but we are never going to have those experiences when we have a million followers or more on different social networks, so we’ll always have to look down…..typing……. we’ll always have to look down because that’s where we find the momentary happiness … I know some people have actually found love online but we have to ask ourselves what the odds are! Haven’t you noticed how you meet someone online and they tell you a lot of things and you are full of expectations but then after several weeks or months chatting you get to meet this person and you realize the TRUTH, that gentleman or woman is so different from the words they sent you online and that friendship fades away like mist! It’s perplexing how people ask questions like “how many friends do you have on facebook”? Or “how many twitter followers do you have”? They don’t care if anybody told you good morning or if you actually have any real friend to talk to. Believe me when I say that the EMPTINESS is evil… you know that famous saying right!? An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…. At least we are all “online”, you are most likely reading this piece with one sleek Smartphone or the other so you must have read stories of how people overdose on pills or spray bullets in a lecture hall before taking their own lives, and do you know the funny aspect? They always fall back to their only companion and that’s probably their Facebook page to write their last words….they give you a brief insight as to what their lives must have been like, a life where nobody actually showed them love….. We absorb the sexual abuse, the child abuse and even the domestic violence until it’s too late because there was no real friend to talk to, I know my examples are extreme and I really don’t wish any of these for anyone, but wouldn’t you rather look up and see all the opportunities and possibilities around you? Wouldn’t you make a friend in the bus on your way to school? Or take a walk with your dog? Wouldn’t you rather be in a relationship where you actually spend real time together…..savouring your love every single day….the way we are going what memories are we creating? Very few I guess…what stories are we going to tell to our children and grand children. I know you might say my theory is old-fashioned but sincerely the “new-fashion” is a huge whale that’s only going to swallow us up……so finally I say put that phone down and live life the real way.


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5 Replies to “DISCONNECT”

  1. Ceeflo am sure u knw this wld be my NO1 piece for a very long time… EXCELLENT!! Well let’s see how dis can help change dis world of pretense


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