Aisha lay on her bed, snoring lightly; it was supposed to be just another night. She wasn’t alone in the room, about a dozen other girls were asleep with her, the wind was heavy that night and most of them were covered up. There was an oil lamp at the corner, its weak glow was all there was, Aisha had gone to bed earlier than usual that day, she was expecting a very busy morning. Each time the wind blew it made the windows creak , once in a while the creak would be so loud that it would wake some of the girls up, they always went back to sleep almost at once. There was silence for awhile…then they heard the noise! Loud gunshots!, Aisha opened her eyes and saw girls scampering about, some were screaming, others were jumping out of the windows….she quickly got up and made for the closest window, just as she tried to jump out she felt a strong blow hit her head…that was all she remembered. When she regained consciousness she was in what seemed like a moving truck, she saw some other girls all tied up, most of them had tears in their eyes, she saw two young men with turbans around their heads, they held very scary guns in their hands. The journey seemed to last for several hours, Aisha was very scared, she thought of her mother and father, she knew her mother was crying wherever she was, she wondered where the men were taking them to. The strong stench of urine was overwhelming; they were not giving food or water to drink all through the journey. When the lorry finally came to a halt she saw a lot of men, they laughed and hugged themselves, they were obviously celebrating something. That night Aisha heard screams, a lot of girls cried all through the night, she wondered what was happening in the other tents, were they cutting them up? Were they about to use them for rituals? Although none of the men came to her tent she had never felt that much fear in her entire life, she wondered if her leaders were looking for her, if help was on its way, she spent the entire night praying. The next morning she got all the answers to her questions, from the bloodstains on the dresses of the other girls it became clear why they had been crying…they just took away their virginity. She did not know if she was lucky, or if they had bigger plans for her, they made them all go into a bigger vehicle, this time around she was sure that they travelled for days, when the vehicle stopped she and a handful of girls were taking to a hut, there was a very old man inside, he spoke in a language she was certain wasn’t Nigerian. He inspected the girls the same way her mother inspected meat when she went to the market, then he pointed at her and another girl, one of the turbaned men took the other girls away. Aisha was confused now, she cried loudly but the old man smiled and kept speaking in the strange language, at last when he realized they did not understand what he was saying he made an attempt to speak English

“You my wife, you and my wife”

Aisha was stunned, she fell to the ground so hard, that for a moment the old man seemed to stop smiling……she kept asking herself if help was on its way….. Would her leaders do their best to rescue her? Was this going to be her fate, Aisha knew all she could was to hope and pray!.


Aisha represents all the girls that were kidnapped some weeks back, our leaders are so deep into politics that they have lost their soul. They could shed tears and ask the protesters to go home but it’s only for their own benefit. It’s so obvious that the Nigerian people have evolved, we now realize that we are stronger than any government when we unite, when we come together to stand for our rights! Let’s keep protesting till we give a very good end to Aisha’s story.


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13 Replies to “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS”

  1. The global community has joined in the fight, its a touching story that might just reshape Nigeria, the people are conscious now, its shows that in 2015 we could have our own Arab awakening


  2. Anne Hathaway with the megaphone, pdidi, drake, the movement is massive, the world is interested. Boko haram must wither in Nigeria


  3. I’m proud of my country, the fact that we can stand up and demand anwers, we are finally growing up.nice stuff Mr Ceeflo, Aisha must be saved!


  4. Always on point,no room 4 off point in this blog.Nice one dear.Our voices must b heard.Dear Aisha,the rescue team will soon b there.


  5. Sad story, these girls when rescued will need months of intense therapy and rehab! God please save them… #bringbackourgirls … flo, masterpiece


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