Every man has a dream, or had a dream as the case may be; purpose is variably a kit every man was born with. As a child we already had budding desires, we likely couldn’t explain why the ideas kept popping up, but we knew we enjoyed letting our minds stray. We felt our hearts leap each time we got a chance to dream, we probably invested a lot of time imagining what our lives would be like once they became a reality. Innocence obviously helped keep the dream alive, we had our eyes fixed on the prize but we were to young to fathom the task that lay ahead. The boy that wanted to be a pilot didn’t consider the fact that all his parents owned was the thatched house they slept in, the girl that wanted to be a singer didn’t think of how difficult it would be to get a record deal, but we dreamt anyways. The innocent face that looked out the window as the rain poured and let her mind drift to when she’ll give a speech to a stadium sized audience. The years have passed now, innocence is now all bent and wrinkled, with each passing day we look farther away from those dreams. There is a very thin line between giving up and being realistic, it’s so easy to say that you gave up on those dreams because you realized that they were far-fetched but you need to pause for a minute and ask yourself……..have I done enough to earn them?

I’m not a motivational speaker, I won’t write down words that won’t hold ground, as much as I write to encourage you I must expose you to the bitter truth. This is the 21st century, very competitive and harsh days we live in. the phrase “the patient dog eats the fattest bone” is as extinct as its author. The bones are very few now; don’t wait for the fattest, start nibbling on the dry and skinny bones. We have to be realistic, the bigger the dreams, the bigger the sacrifices that must be made. We just have to live outside the norm if we hope to make any lasting impression, the dreams are fading…fine! It’s probably because it’s time to face reality, to wake up with a heart hungry to excel, to give life all you’ve got and even more. Your biography could be a bestseller…it could also be too short and give whoever is writing it a hard time. I write for my generation, I write for ladies and gentlemen born in the 80’s, 90’s, there is no better time to step out, to lay a landmark for the generation yet to come. They say we are “leaders of tomorrow”, they told us that as little kids growing up, up till now you are still hoping for “tomorrow”!.. Most African systems and leaders don’t give opportunity to the youth, no matter how aged they are they hold on to “today” and live us with “tomorrow”. A kite is nothing without its rope, our dreams won’t count without action…….let’s make them fly, let’s give wings to our dreams.

So wherever you find yourself now, just see it as the necessary journey, the trials that you must go through for the fairytale end. There are several stories of heroes that persevered; you can motivate yourself with that. We have seen legends rise from the slums, success is always an accolade for the brave. Finally, be around people that help your dreams, people that are always available to put you back on track. It’s so shocking that some people don’t even know what they want from life..They revel in their ignorance. Parties, drinks, drugs and sex are potential destiny “snipers”…..my generation, what are we celebrating! I’m sure I have scribbled enough words to perforate your heart…let believe start flowing in….let the dreams fly!

I recommend you also read this article I wrote some months back..dreams come true!


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