I feel like talking about love and relationships today, but I’ve decided to limit it to the gentlemen. I’m a guy myself so I’m also throwing a stone at my glass wall with this piece….We keep saying women are the weaker vessels, but the world has evolved and I personally don’t think that phrase is still valid. In a continent like Africa, if you wanted a wife all you had to do was talk to her father and if you were able to receive his blessings the lady became your wife, just like that.. I mean, that was some 18th century stuff, now women have their free will, and they choose to explore it as they please…..and they are doing a very good job at it. The problem is that I don’t think we the male folks have been able to adjust to the changes properly, as a matter of fact we have done a terrible job….. The ladies have now taking control; they now own their free will and a bit of ours as well. I know ladies are a necessity and we need them to “survive”, I saw the movie Noah in 3D recently, great movie I must say, but seeing how lahm almost killed his father because he let the lady he wanted a future with die only strengthened my conviction of their importance….. but we don’t have to sell our principles, our ego ( believe me, ego is a necessary evil that every man must possess) our friends and family just because of the ladies. We all know how it feels when we meet that lady that makes us do things we never knew we could do…….and she makes you feel like superman, that’s some good vibe there, but then even super heroes can be victims of circumstance if they ain’t careful. A lady can so easily become your kryptonite, I’ve seen guys go after girls that don’t regard them, humiliate themselves on a regular….. I know you think it’s worth it, but for a moment you need to seat back and ask yourself if she deserves you. Don’t go chasing after a lady till the point where you’re ripped off of every bit of dignity left in you…..

Is it that you feel she is too good for you and you must do everything possible to keep her? For starters how’s the feeling going to be mutual when the connecting process is one sided? For those that use their money to get the girls, that’s like mixing honey with bitter leaf, your money is the honey but then there’s always going to be that after taste……… the affair will eventually suffer from indigestion. Someone shared a story with me of how a bank executive met a lady at an outing and tried to start up a convo with her and she was pretty rude to him ( of course she didn’t know he was an executive!) all the guy did was turn to the other lady that was beside him…….. The “beside” lady is now his wife with kids…….and the bitchy lady is still floating……

Even the greatest love stories were built on mutual affection i.e. Romeo and Juliet, a relationship should be built on software’s ( don’t mind me and my use of words) and when I say software I mean the things we can only feel, and they make us commit and love vehemently….. not the hardware, like the cash and cars………..

Love is beautiful, but fall in love with your eyes open…..

Just like I said, we can’t do without the ladies,lol! Below is my picture with Ezinne Akudo (Miss Nigeria )

forgive my height,lol,she's an elegant giant

forgive my height,lol,she’s an elegant giant

God bless you fam! Happy Easter celebration


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6 Replies to “FOR THE GENTS”

  1. Flo..amazing as always…”ego is a necessary evil that every man must possess” dt statement can be really misleading u know…too much of everythn is bad


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