Majority of us believe in being good and even see it as a pathway to our success, from our early days in the church or mosque, we were told that God expected us to be good, and evil was a sure trait of the devil. So the awareness that we are expected to be good by God and man has always been imprinted in our hearts, I’ve always argued that the reason why people try to be good is not entirely because of the law, rather we stay good because of the first lessons we were thought, the scriptures that were read to us from the Quran or Bible ;so we strive to live peacefully like the sheep. Secondly we try to be good because of the promise of paradise, a life after this, where we won’t have to suffer. So when life sweeps in with the pain, tears and grief we remember the promise of paradise, I have had this topic in my head for a while now and only recently decided to write about it. Yes, I also believe heaven is reserved for the sheep-like folks who live a life so good that the angels probably get jealous, but from another angle I think that’s where people get it wrong, people use righteousness as an excuse for hard work. They assume they weren’t placed on earth to be rich, so they cling to their holy books and dilute every bit of ambition with their self made theories or teachings from their “sects” yes!, I used the word intentionally, because religion is now segregated as ever. Your “spiritual leader” drives the latest cars and owns the best houses (probably owns a jet) and you sit down and listen to teachings that encourage poverty! Is that the kind of sheep you want to be? You stink of poverty from head to toe, and you say it’s only because you want to be in paradise………….dumb ass sheep!, I know I’m getting some people upset with this piece but I’m sure scales will fall from the eyes of many. If I have to be a sheep then I’m gonna be a sheep with teeth, a sheep conscious of God but at the same time living a life with purpose, a sheep ready to challenge the lion( poverty is one hell of a lion), and when we depart the earth we’ll hope God accepts us as his sheep and doesn’t mistake us for dogs!!

So often religion has been made unattractive, almost like a ticket to poverty, but I know my Bible ( a bit of the Quran as well) and I know that almost half of the scripture talks about kings, the quest for power and a fight to overcome oppression, so what’s different now? These days religion comes with a certain degree of isolation, don’t mingle with the “world” they say and so you find friends that are just like you, with Lilliputian dreams. Religion should be a propelling factor rather than a barrier to your dreams

Oh no!, you can’t act sister Jane, you can’t be seen kissing on stage.. That’s immoral..”

“You can’t be a dancer….. Those steps are from the devil”

“Never! I won’t let you marry Carlos, he doesn’t attend our church

These are common phrases, a thousand and one reasons why you can’t be happy, how meek can a sheep be! Well I belong to the few that have refused to limit themselves, that haven’t forgotten their God, but also hunger for success, the group of people that are pursuing their dreams with every inch of strength in them……………. Am I still a sheep……… or are the ambitious folks now dogs? If that be the case why not be a dog then, why not persevere till you achieve all of your dreams, why not bark woof,woof! Till you scare poverty away, why not get tired of running whenever the lion turns up! Don’t live a life void of excitement, with the love of God in your heart build your paradise here on earth so that when you get to heaven you’ll be accustomed to royalty……. Who knows we might just be the DOGS IN HEAVEN


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