I don’t think there’s anyone that has not played the game of X and O, personally it was real fun for me as a kid growing up, all I had to do was match four X’s or O’s and try to beat my opponent to it, if I got more symmetrical X’s then I was the winner, I had the game all over my notebooks, at some point my flare for it was insatiable……..i always wanted to get my shapes in order first, and revel in my victory. I’ve always enjoyed poetry and trying to rhyme with words, I was even of the notion that I would become the new MR Incredible(MI), well I did become that, I locked down concerts and had the paparazzi all over me…..but it was only in my head…….lol, but I can utilize that passion here on this blog. Today I picked the caption “X AND O: EX’S AND HOES” because it perfectly illustrates my next few words…. The game was all about getting more of your X’s on the sheet than your opponent and then smiling your way to victory, but I’m going to come from another angle here, how many “symmetrical” Ex’s must you have before you find love and happiness? How much tears must you shed before you find love?……. unlike my childhood game that only involved a pencil and sheet of paper, this game in quote involves much more, it involves your heart and even your body. It’s a game we must all participate in if we are to find love, so we leave a long trail of EX’s behind, we can’t deny the scars that each one of them leave us. I’m going to be absolutely graphical today, so please pardon me, I’m not a lady but I’ve been on earth long enough to know certain things, when a lady opens her legs up and gives her virginity, I know there are several other factors, but in most cases it’s out of “Love”……..
Just before he goes in, you look into his eyes and ask that legendary question

Do you love me?” you ask, your eyes full of love

He gives you a very good reply, a speech good enough to make Martin Luther King smile, so you let him have it, but it was his libido that was in love and not his heart, probably didn’t last long after that. Since then there must have been other guys, all of them with the sweet words, but then the words go all sour once they have sex. Now, you probably can’t count how many guys have had you since then, love is now a mirage to you….. but yet you want to believe it exist, my game was about paper sheets but yours is about bed sheets and condoms and you have seen a lot of them in your young life. My game doesn’t keep you as a loser for too long because you’re sure to win often, but in this game there’s not certainty, the trail of EX’s keeps growing. At what point do you become a HOE? What differentiates you from the “5 rounds a night” chick? She collects money in return for sex, but in your case you collect some fake ass “love” from guys that FLEE even before you can say Jack Robinson……. A transaction is still going on! You might just be no different from a prostitute after all………… how much more must you give all for love??…hope my question probes your heart.

Now this part is for the guys, I know so often the ladies feel we don’t love, we just want sex, but that’s not true. My next few lines are for the guys that have tried to love, guys that have given their heart, money and life! All for love….. I’ve read about guys jumping buildings, drinking poison……going all suicidal for love! They have probably loved a lot of “hoes” and I hope they understand that a hoes love only goes as deep as pockets and as long as the cucumber between their legs. Good looks can buy it for a short while but it still fades away. In our “ultimate search” there are detrimental hurdles, I know I can’t stop anyone from their hunt, it can’t be done without, but i can only say a prayer for my ladies and niggas and hope you all say an AMEN

“May you not find unwanted STD’s before you find love”

“May you not destroy your womb before you find a husband”

“May your ultimate game of EX’S AND HOES not be in vain!”

Hope I get a loud Amen…………………….. Stay blessed.


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11 Replies to “X AND O: EX’S AND HOES”

  1. Love is life, if only we could insure our hearts, we can’t sue for damages after a flimsy relationship, so we should always be prepared for dooms day


  2. X n O: EXs n Hoes. Great Title.
    Amazing write-up.

    Its nice to see a guy being sensitive about what girls go through in the hands of other men.
    But I disagree with you, being an ex doesn’t make u a hoe.


  3. Such a witty and beautiful title, gets the reader’s imagination fired up but this fire is quenched with the long explanation of the game (X and O); I believed we’ve all played it. Good piece in the end but would ve been better with less detail


  4. Call me stupid but i tink most things are part of the experience of growing up and living life…some of them are necessary…u just have to get wiser wit each hartbreak!..Nice piece as always


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