Love is in the air, after all its valentine’s day, the red ribbons, giant sized teddy bears and chocolate bars will be floating everywhere. Personally I think it’s a one sided affair and it perfectly favors the ladies more; in a society like ours, days like these always fall on the male folks, it’s almost like they are the only ones that have to prove their love. Today, every relationship is going to feel perfect, the gifts will come from the guys, mushy photos will be updated on facebook and instagram, most peeps will almost feel like they are acting a Walt Disney script but the truth is the bliss lasts only for that day. Today is arguably quite unique, it’s as significant as Halloween or thanksgiving but what makes it count is its representation. Valentine is a reminder of love, the type void of deceit, sacrificial and pure, it is not incited from articles or myths, Romeo and Juliet played with venom and died in the process but it’s just a story that was written by Shakespeare, so don’t get motivated from stories like that, this is reality, nobody is willing to be martyred but love doesn’t have to transcend to gory situations before it is evaluated. I have written countless articles on love and the ink never goes dry when I walk down this part, love could be pleasant but it could also be a mirage, an acute ailment that eats us up. If a lady suspects that she is pregnant, what does she do? She gets herself a pregnancy strip! So if for any reason you feel disillusioned by “love” all you need to do is to self examine yourself, is the concept of what you have going for you shadowed by everything wrong? Have you let your heart and its contours get pummeled time and time again just because you believe you’re in love? Are you a victim of physical abuse, he beats you up and yet you still stick with him, is that love?! Don’t sell your heart for money, love is an episode that treasures can’t buy, don’t be a king or queen when your heart rests in bondage……….self abdicate that throne!

Finally, today is not about the size of gift you get or the outings…….today is about love, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t come with the fairytale feeling, cheer up, you have the greatest gift of all and that’s love. So when the roses come and the ribbons are ripped off the gifts lets be thankful for one thing…. the fact that we have been blessed to experience love. Happy val everyone!

I’d leave you today with this mini story

She lay on her bed, tears flowed from her eyes; you could see that she was very sad and pale. Just some days back her boyfriend had walked out of their relationship, she had loved him with every bit of her, a couple of days had passed and she still couldn’t deal with the tears. Her friends tried to talk some sense into her but it didn’t help much. So here she was with her face puffy and her eyes swollen, she picked up her phone and dialed Jack’s number but then again he didn’t pick up. She staggered to the bathroom, washed her face and then she noticed she was low on toilet roll so she decided to head out and get some, so she reached for her jumpsuit and hit the road. The supermarket was nearby and soon she was there……that was when the magic began, just as she paid for the rolls she heard a voice behind her

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” he said

She turned around to see a charming man, he grinned from ear to ear like he had just won a lottery

“I guess so” she replied, she wasn’t in the mood for a conversation

But he was having none of it…………….

“Beautiful day and a beautiful lady, simply heavenly” he said

He kept on rambling and he followed her as she got out of the supermarket, he kept talking, bugging and finally she gave him her phone number. That was how Ted walked into her life. There were several dates, dinners and soon she was madly in love, Ted was sweet, smart and fun to be with, she could just sense the energy in him, and he was a pretty focused gentleman and was really committed to making things work. Exactly eight months later they got engaged and it was an amazing time of her life, she was in love with a friend, companion and brother. On the 14th of February 1984 they got married in a courthouse, a very simple wedding but they were drenched in love and couldn’t think of life apart from each other. It’s been thirty years since then, six children and a grandchild and she is still in love with ted. You can see it in her eyes when she goes to clean his grave every Saturday, she always makes sure to go with some flowers, although she has lost Ted, she is completely grateful she met a man like him………through her pain and heartbreak, love was her reward”.


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