Friendship is probably the most dynamic constituent of human existence, it’s in the same bag pack with love, and both of them are certainly, virtues we all seek to possess. Friendship and love determine how you walk through life, friendship for one is a holster for hope and even love; the very best relationships were borne out of friendship, and friendship manifests and exerts itself within the flaws and guilt that frame our personality. It’s a beautiful concept, it gives us the ability to accept and be accepted regardless of our shortcomings, a friend knows absolutely everything about you and loves you for it. If friendship is genuine then our stains, dents and sins only serve as a propelling factor. So it’s only perfect when you have someone that you can tell everything within the confines of trust and comfort. As beautiful as it sounds it could so easily transform to a sordid experience if it loses its essence. Friendship is knitted in loyalty and trust, and we know that trust comes with a slight amount of dependence. Each secret squealed to your friend tightens the bond, so friendship has stronger roots than love. It’s very common for us to love amidst secrets, lies and deceit, but friendship is extremely loyal and subservient.

Life has its balance mechanism; in the midst of everything beautiful is the “dark spot”, some supposed friends inadvertently lead you to Lucifer’s lodge. They wear their white cloaks and act angelic around you, with their two feet long invisible horns. They walk their way into your life and strike you slowly, and then they revel in your pains.

It’s quite expedient that I give you some illustrations, the crazy man by the roadside was once quite sane, his ordeal started the day he was convinced by a friend to have a puff of marijuana, a few more, then it became excessive and now he has gone haywire. The prostitute that has nicknamed herself a runs girl, peddling and abusing her triangular sanctum was once persuaded to make fast money by a friend of hers “ a feel thumps and thrust and you get the dollar bills” she said. Now you are so deep in it, on the outside you look classy, latest designer clothes and mobile phones but then you stink like dirt, if the word “class” could speak, it would spit at you. These examples are just one sided, addressing the people already lost to the twines of peer pressure and self deceit. We can still look at the back-stabbers, snitches, the wolves that pretend that carrot is their best meal; they have gained your complete trust and so gladly use it against you like they are expecting accolades. Why else will a lady snatch her best friend’s man few weeks to the wedding? Or the friend that secretly services her best friends’ husband or the guy that gets his friends debit card pin and clears his account. I remember my reaction after I saw the movie ‘count of monte cristo’ for the very first time, I wondered if such immense betrayal existed, but then I looked around me, betrayal is as constant as the air we breathe, we only need to be cautious so that we don’t fall victim to its evil webs.

When I started writing, I wanted a perfect title that will capture your attention, so I resorted for horns, but then I think it’s the perfect way to describe pure evil, the strings of evil are sometimes well hidden and crafted till the point where antecedents raise no suspicion, but with thorough self examination it’s very possible to spot out a few demons in your life. Don’t expect to see long nails and blood stained lips, don’t look out for an evil looking face, your demon might just be the friend you share your bed with every night, or the charming girl that has the most comfy spot in your life. Even if they don’t fall in the category I listed above, once you find yourself continually going against everything you represent then you need to check yourself up. Finally, we know how we treat creatures with the horns, there’s never a subtle approach, no dialogue, at that point you are your own jury, with firmness kick that “friend” out. You need to have around you, people who you can trust absolutely, people that can fight for you even when you’re not there, find yourself your angels!.

Take a look at the pictures below

her friends with long horns beat her up and had a couple of hooligans rape her!

her friends with long horns beat her up and had a couple of hooligans rape her!

died trying to rescue his friends, thats the power of friendship void of horns!

died trying to rescue his friends, thats the power of friendship void of horns!


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8 Replies to “MY FRIEND HAS HORNS!”

  1. Some have even got horns of over 6feet! Nice writeup, bro. It’s good to know when to say goodbye… I’ve got a similar writeup on this, and wish it’d be featured on your blog.


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