a dress made from bricks and rods

a dress made from bricks and rods

First he was in a reptile’s body, and then the forbidden fruit gave him the legitimate right to be in man’s soul, after a while that became a tedious task, now I’m sad, I’m really sad to announce this to you; the devil has a new dress. The dress has no fabrics, just bricks and rods, no hat against the heat, just a roof on his head. Figured yet? The devil’s new apparel is our church, it’s the perfect disguise. So if you look really hard, I’m almost sure you would see him in the front (yea, he likes to seat in the front pew) of your church.

You are still in doubt? You remember Reverend King who set ablaze a young lady (deceased) and other members of his congregation for committing fornication, you think that is God? Burning people for fornication? That didn’t even happen in the Old Testament, but in today’s world anything happens.
Recently, we all heard of the scandalous sex chronicle between ESE Walters and Pastor Fatoyinbo. Where it was alleged that the Pastor said “come sit on my laps and I will show you a level of grace you do not understand”. The pastor in question is yet to deny the claim or give a response, I don’t think he cares about public opinion… but he’s a pastor, he should care right? I could go on and on, stories abound of false teachers and preachers and right now, Christianity is on the decline, you know why? It’s because people don’t know what to believe in anymore, and even when they know, they really don’t know what that belief is based on; the devil or the Christ. I even hear stories of how some unscrupulous people come “back to life” and tell us contradicting stories of heaven and hell, these are strange times to say the least.

The devil has a new dress; it’s the big scheme and if you don’t know your basics you could be under that dress, you could be funding that dress; you could be worshipping that dress. By the “dress” I mean the false church, the esoteric mind already had that figured. Am like the most skeptical Christian I know, I doubt before I believe, it’s not a personality anomaly; it’s just that times are evil and the truth is subjective.
According to these false preachers, your tithes and offerings can exclusively buy you blessings and heaven, but if you don’t pay (whether you have or don’t have) then you are an enemy of God and the church. This is the biggest fallacy of the modern age, and gullible Nigerians will always fall for it, it’s the classic case of the blind leading the blind and that story ends inside a pit, no known survivors. Caution is key.

What’s worse is the continuous fraternizing between this so called men of God and obviously corrupt political figures. It doesn’t end there, these politicians donate stolen money to build God’s house and people call them generous… Just ridiculous. One time I heard a priest use a corrupt political figure as an example of success, I was befuddled.
Priest or Pastor, Bishop or Archbishop, what is clear is that the devil’s ploy is working, the devil is constantly on a shopping spree for a new dress and if the Reverend in charge loves SEX, FAME and MONEY more than his calling, then the buyer will buy.

The blind uncompromising belief in men instead of God, doctrine instead of the Bible, is what has left this problem forever unsolved. So let me ask you a fundamental life-saving question

John Iyoha
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  1. Great piece! No doubt a host of our churches re actually harboring d devil and it’s all down to the members… Most of us have no well defined stands


  2. Just what everyone needs to read. The truth in plain black & white,not in shades of grey. Here’s hoping this article blows abroad like wild fire. I’m proud of U JV! Muah


  3. I am unimpressed by this article.
    There’s too much anger perceived from the article. It sounds more like a personal vendetta rather than enlightenment.
    With that being said, make the money and even religion will seem clearer to you.


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