happy new year fam!!!

happy new year fam!!!

Time is invested not spent……………..

First of all, I want to welcome you to 2014, if you reading this piece then you made it! Today marks the beginning of something new. For me, newness always comes with its excitement and resolutions,if that’s the same with you then I must say you’re on the right track. 2014 comes with a certain amount of relief to some people, while some will definitely cherish the memories they created last year; dreams were born, hopes were dashed, loved ones died, and babies were born. That’s the dynamic aspect of nature and its lingering push for continuity, whatever happens no matter how gory, life must go on. If you are reading this then you will agree with me that last year came with a little bit of everything for everyone. The man that stood by the alter and watched his beautiful bride walk down the aisle is always going to cherish 2013, the girl that got a scholarship to further her education abroad will definitely smile at 2013 but what about the lady that lost her husband in the cold war in Sudan or the father that lost his job last year. This group of people won’t want to look back at last year, regardless of the category you find yourself, today marks the beginning of a new phase. If for some reason you inexplicably decide to use the past year as a lever or a determinant as to how much you can achieve, then you are falling short. You probably woke up to text messages and phones calls, everybody had the same thing to say to you “happy new year” they screamed. Days like these always offer a balanced feel of satisfaction, even the man with no dime in his pocket is still going to celebrate, at least he’s alive, but what happens after today, when you are finally sober, are you going to let this year slip away like the previous years? Are you among the category of people that draw up resolutions on the first day of every year but don’t see it through the very first month? Life has probably put you through twists and turns, your once blazing aspirations have been pummelled. Now they frighten you, they now seem far-fetched; you have let your dreams shrink to its smallest size, but it just takes a heart full of purpose to ignite it once again. Today is the best day to stir it up, to awaken every sleeping desire. Success has never been monopolised, it’s just reserved for the lions that will realize their potentials and aggressively work towards them.

Few weeks back, the world went wild after the death of Mandela, everybody mourned this hero. A man that was willing to sacrifice everything for one single purpose, he’s dead today but years from now his story would still be told. Every man has his own success story; you just haven’t started making yours yet, you say you want to be a musician, then where are your demos! You want to be a writer, where are your stories! Deep down you know you can offer more, don’t let your dreams go blur on you. Truth be told, this year virgins will turn to whores, sinners to angels, drugs addicts and hoodlums will arise and champions will also sprawl out, it’s up to you to decide where you want to belong, you love the suave people you see on your TV screen, but do you think they got there by doing nothing? Activate those desires in your heart today.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has made writing very interesting for me, I started blogging in October 2012 and it has been an amazing experience so far. Your comments and suggestions have always spurred me on; I have always tried to touch every topic, so that regardless of your age or gender you find entertainment and inspiration here. I earnestly hope 2014 is a great year for everybody, God bless you.


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