FEATURES- I GIVE A F*** (Uncensored 18+)

This article contains strong language(18+)

This article contains strong language(18+)

“Eeeew!” “ouch!” “woah”… Whatever your reaction to that header is, chill, pause, hold up, hush & listen. Call me vague but I’m being me, are you? This isn’t one of those narcissist articles (just before you start rolling your eyes), it’s a lil something I’d like to call “A peek into my mirror”. And yes I did look in the mirror, wanna know what I saw? What I saw was what I saw… I GIVE A FUCK!
I admit it, this year I was profane, I called all my friends “niggaz”, I called my brothers niggaz, I called my folks niggaz, I called girls niggaz, I even called niggaz, niggaz! And when I say I give a fuck, it doesn’t mean I care, it means I actually did give a fuck (not sex) just the word, I said ‘’fuck’’ exactly 365,000 times just because it wasn’t a leap year (and yes I was counting!) … psyche!!! Don’t judge just yet, there will be time for that.
Who’s to blame for this, not me, I’m too good a person to have spoilt myself, lol, so it’s definitely not me, it’s probably peer pressure or maybe it’s the fact that in my hundred years on Jarsoom (earth), this is the first time I’ve spent 6 months straight with my folks (thanks to ASUU), a bad habit was bound to come up, but let’s be real though, I know the cause, it’s music: Hip-hop. I listen to that genre way too much, so says my nigga Ken (I shouldn’t be calling this nigga, nigga but hey…bad habit, remember?). I’m actually writing this article listening to Kanye’s Yeezus album, and the profanity on every Kanye project is unequalled, except by Kanye West himself. What would hip-hop be without profanity? A dull, reserved, unimpressionable and unexcitable form of music…

What’s my point? These (profane) words tend to pass messages that calm words cannot, the passion they carry supercedes imagination. I’m not preaching obscenity, but what if I am? I don’t give a fuck!!! Wait… I give a fuck, that’s what started all these. But really we all use these words, and judging me would be hypocrisy of the Nigerian order. In my country, everyone is fucking perfect till when caught red handed. Obasanjo was even one of the pastors at Aso villa in his 8 years of failure, the façade people create on a daily!!! Even the ‘’go and die” governor was once the “man of the people”. Back to the matter, life is too short to censor everything you say, feel or every way you act, sometimes you have to let things flow, I’m a believer of freewill and self-realization. The truth is until you hear yourself out, no one will hear you, but a note of warning here; everyone has the freedom to choose choice, but remember that consequence comes with choice.

My advice is, be yourself, don’t mix that shit up, do have fun but be good, be real, but don’t be stupid. Express your innermost feelings with the exact way (words) that your heart says it, never dilute the elixir.
Enjoy the Christmas people, and don’t get too fucked up yet, the New Year is still there. Lol……….
Have a splendid uncensored Life ahead!

John Iyoha is a student and freelance writer, follow him on twitter @johniyoha1


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