I left my house that morning, had a lot to do that day so I hurriedly got into my clothes and left for my appointment. I was really hoping for a great day as I got into a cab, when I reached my destination and highlighted, I had just taking a few steps when somebody tapped me “bros, your trouser don tear for back”, I was shell shocked! That was all it took for me to have a very bad day. I was already late for my appointment so I couldn’t turn back home. I spent the rest of the day sweating, watching if eyes were on me and my little “bottom hole”. I hope you understand the mess I was in, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hole, but my illustration just shows how a little “dent” can ruin your day, We all enjoy it when friends and strangers tell us that we look splendid, it’s always a great way to start your day. So today, I’ve put together some fashion tips for you, hope you enjoy this piece.

mixing simplicity with class

mixing simplicity with class

You necessarily don’t have to empty your bank account to look good, with little amount of money you could make a fashion statement. You don’t dress to undress your pocket; we all know our sizes so we definitely have to cut our coats accordingly. Fashion in Nigeria is ever evolving; fabrics are now trending, with a great and affordable designer you can come up with captivating concepts. The end product is that you’ll look really sweet like you are about to step on the runway yet you would have spent so little. Why buy one Italian shirt when it can get you get a couple of natives for the same amount?

ever evolving designs

ever evolving designs

I know a lot of us don’t have the freedom to go on natives very often, probably because our occupations don’t permit us to, but you can still look fantastic in that that formal attire. Whether you’re on a skirt and blouse, gown or a shirt and tie, with the right color combinations and shoes you can still dazzle! Personally, I enjoy going formal, I love my long sleeves and slim ties, everyone has their preferences and like I said earlier the bottom-line is to look good and confident. Don’t dress to please your friends or anyone in particular, there should be a certain level of consistency in your “style”, you should create your own identity, and it’s only possible when your clothes are easily accessible and affordable.(your price tag might be a million dollars,so long as you don’t sweat getting it)

looking formal doesn't reduce your ability to dazzle in any way

looking formal doesn’t reduce your ability to dazzle in any way

Finally, we all want to smile, your dresses should never be the reason why you feel unhappy, unless you have a “bottom hole” like I did, lol. So you should always have comfortability at the back of your mind, why wear clingy clothes till the extent that you can’t move your body freely, you get so hot inside and spend the whole day feeling irritated. To end this piece, I didn’t spend the entire day with my “bottom hole”(lol) I went to a tailor who patched it up.

A beautiful smile is a good way to step out

A beautiful smile is a good way to step out

Stay blessed peeps

Photos courtesy of:
Tee Tomi
BB Pin- 32FE8D48

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