The world obviously has changed, ask your folks….

Money was never the only determinant for dating or sex, but here we are!! This 21st century trend has spawned a few sects; the ‘aristos’, the gigolos, the “pimps”, and “the runners”……runners? What does that even mean? Wait a sec, over a decade ago I watched this Nollywood classic ‘High Street Babes’ starring Shan George, Zack Orji and co. That movie was epic (Nollywood flicks used to be standard tho), was there a moral lesson? Of course! But I bet what was of more importance to our girls on the streets was the basic MO (mode of operation) of a runs gal. More movies like that, more mentions like that……and the myth of the runs gal became a reality.

Top end cars, tony clothes, endless trips, loud make-overs (especially when she’s not from an overly rich home) and a bossy attitude; these became some of the pointers to identifying ‘a runner’. And in this business colour is king, skin toning creams now sell like petroleum. The budding ground is my campus, your campus, the universities have become where new talents in this business get recruited, and because of the quest for materialism and the perpetual competition between females its hard to refuse this tempting offer.
Let me break it down, what are the reasons for being a runs gal????

Picture this, I had this very fine bestie who ‘friend-zoned’ me………..that eternal prison!! Okay, back to the story, Adaeze was her name, beautiful Ibo girl from a near average family, her dad was a rice trader in Onitsha and her mum was a petty trader on their home street. Now, she’s been through a couple of relationships…reason? The guys were average and couldn’t provide all of Adaeze’s requests. A lil more time, a quest for beautiful things and envy in her eyes, Adaeze finds herself ready to live the fast life in order to ‘live big’. Next time she walks past me on the stairs, she’s a whole new Adaeze and I swore I stared at her for years!!! A few words from the grape-vine confirm my fears “My Adaeze’s now a Runs Gal” She was a well brought up girl so why did this happen? Simple… She wanted pleasures her parents, friends and boyfriends couldn’t afford. This is probably the same situation with a good number of our university-girls-turned-runners and I think that translates to 1 thing: our girls are now extremely INSATIABLE!
It might initially result from the need to feed or clothe, but then the habit sets in and since it makes you money it becomes had to stop. But then again there are those who are in the runs business just for kicks, they basically do it because they enjoy it, the nymphomaniacs of our time, my evil alter ego wants to meet one *winks*…
Sin city is where we are, you really don’t want to know everything that goes on around you. Simply put, society has lost its values, parents are less attentive, children are less retentive, society worships the wealthy; legitimate or illegitimate and to crown it all our government is corrupt! In fact, if there’s a more corrupt society than Nigeria, then the devil must be president. All these still doesn’t justify selling your body for money.

Life is once, Life is short, Life is beautiful too, my advice is don’t waste it on transient gains, be forward looking, be creative, there’s a special gift in every person, find it… use it.
Remember these lines as you sleep tonight
‘’don’t spend your life to buy money, cos u can’t spend money to buy life’’

John Iyoha is student and freelance writer, follow him on twitter @johniyoha1

You loved it right? Now drop your comments! But please remember HIV/AIDS is real. Stay blessed peeps!


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