You lay in bed with your eyes wide open, everyone had gone to sleep but you couldn’t close your eyes. Your eyes were open yet dreams flooded your head, you knew what you wanted out of life, you were so little but with giant dreams. You didn’t tell anybody about the thoughts that ran through you head whenever you watched your favourite pop star on TV; once in a while tears dropped from your eyes as you sang along with her. The bathroom became your world class studio; you loved how different your voice sounded when you sang there. Your mother always told you that you sure knew how to sing, she even got you your first guitar, she encouraged you to do your best at your piano lessons, even when your brother teased you and told you music wasn’t for you, you never gave up. Then your dad got the pink slip and you couldn’t go on with piano lessons and money became an issue at home. You always dreamed of the day you’ll make a world hit and go on world tours, your wish was to become successful to take care of your mother, you felt really hurt whenever you saw tears in her eyes as she counted the money she was saving for you and your brother’s tuition, all you could do was hug her tight and some occasions you even cried with her. Then when you were sixteen your mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you watched your dad become an alcoholic, you watched your mother wither gradually. You remember the cold morning she passed away, your dad cried so hard, your brother became quite distant, you knew you had to take charge, there had to be an anchor or you were going to lose your family. So you became a mother, you put your dad to bed whenever he came home drunk, you encouraged Tom to do great at school, you took charge of the home so well, but you almost forgot about your singing. The first sign that God had big plans for your life came during aunt Nana’s funeral, you asked if you could render a piece and surprisingly they let you. So you sang “amazing grace” and it was so beautiful, your voice seemed to calm the tears and soothe the hearts of everyone. You realised that God was reminding you of his perfect gift to you, so you never stopped singing , you touched the lives of so many with your voice, despite the hard times you never stopped singing, regardless of the pain that lurked in your heart you never stopped being a blessing.

Soon you graduated from high school, you saw your dad in the crowd that gathered, it was nice to see him happy for once. You had no plans of going to college, you decided to work instead and assist dad, you felt Tom should be the one to go to college, that was you; always willing to make sacrifices, you never put yourself first. You worked in the coffee shop down the street for many years, you made just enough money to pay the bills and support your dad with Tom’s tuition. Once in a while when you got into bed at night, you remembered all the promises you made to your mother, you promised never to give up on your dreams but you were already failing her and it made you cry, but nobody knew how you felt. Then one day you saw a commercial on TV, there was going to be a music talent hunt, you felt you should go for the auditions but you didn’t tell anyone. You drove several miles to the big city for the audition, you never knew you were going to make it, you were almost suffering from the defeatist syndrome, but that phone call came and that was how the journey started. Your family, church and friends supported you all the way. You always wore your mother’s bracelet to remind you that you had a promise to fulfil, when you sang it was flawless, so often you made the judges cry, your voice had wings!, every week you got several letters from people telling you how much they loved to hear you sing and how they were praying for you. Just like a miracle, you made it to the finals. Your dad and Tom came backstage to wish you all the best and it brought tears to your eyes for the first time you saw Tom cry “I’m very proud of you” he said. As usual your performance was great and when it got to that moment, you wondered why you weren’t scared, you saw the host hold the result slip up, you watched as the audience became quiet, just then you saw something! You saw your mother smiling at you and you shut your eyes, then you heard him call out the winner, you couldn’t believe it, it was your name! you had just won the talent hunt! The confetti showered on you, the judges and the audience gave you a standing ovation, the other contestants came out to congratulate you, this was your moment! .Tears of joy flowed from your eyes, your dreams had come true. That was the moment that changed your life for good, heaven had smiled on you.

From me
Wrote this piece hoping it inspires and motivates you to pick up your dreams from the rubble, you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to believe!


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25 Replies to “BOUNDLESS DREAM”

  1. Just saw the movie “a walk to remember” today,my 1000th time,and cried…lol,now u wanna make me cry again…I refuse,great article, your ability to take risks with your ink and write bout anything makes you stand out. Keep it up


  2. *Dabbing my misty tearfilled eyes*U sure got me there hun! Thank You for making me remember I have dreams still fighting to come to fruition.Not giving up on em anytime soon!


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