She sat at the lobby, you could see that she was sweating profusely. Her hands were shaking and it was obvious to see that she was scared, she saw sick patients walk in and out but her mind was far away, she knew she couldn’t be certain till she got her result but a silent voice kept telling her that the outcome was going to be very bad. Her handkerchief wasn’t doing much to help her and her blouse was already soaked in sweat, just then a stumpy looking nurse came out from the corridor with a file, she was clearly reading from it.

“Card number 0977, a doctor is ready to see you” she said, in a very shrill voice that only got Funke more tensed

Then a bald headed man got up and walked towards a door with the fat nurse following behind him. She brought out some sweets from her pocket and tried to keep herself busy, but the fear was prevailing, she wondered why her result wasn’t ready yet. She had never liked hospitals, the strong stench of drugs and disinfectants always made her feel sick. The fear had been there for a while but it got pretty bad that morning, something kept telling her that the worst had happened. Few months back, she discovered that she had rashes on her skin and that she had small boils around her private part, she had looked the symptoms up on the internet and was really frightened to discover that what she was experiencing matched the symptoms of the dreaded disease, but she couldn’t get herself to go for a blood test. Her life hadn’t been “picture perfect”, she got in and out of relationships like she was changing clothes and she guessed she was very unlucky with men. She tried to remember some of her past relationships, there was Andrew the sweet and charming man, but that only lasted for a few months, he was a beast in a short while, then there was Yinka the very ambitious man, but that ambition was very restricted as they spent more time having sex than actually trying to make the relationship work. Now here she was in a hospital fearing the worst, she wondered if there were things she could have done better. Was this the price she was going to pay for trusting too much, for loving too easily? Each relationship had left its scars and now her heart was perforated; now all she wanted to do was pick up what was left of her life and move on. She remembered when she was still a virgin; how she had bragged that she was going to remain that way till she got married. Then came the first prince charming, then the second and they just kept rolling in. Abortions became routine, she was convinced that she was making the sacrifice for love, so it left no dent on her conscience. She awoke from her thoughts when the lady behind her started coughing badly. She saw the funny looking nurse come out again, carrying with her some files, she opened them one after the other calling out more names, then she heard her name

“No 7122, Adefarati Adefunke, come with me for your result” the noise said as she scanned the lobby with her eyes

“That’s me” Funke said as she walked up to the nurse, who led her into an office

She could hear her heart beating, she didn’t know how much more she could take, she noticed that there was a lady in the office, the way the lady shut her eyes and soliloquized it was obvious she was waiting for her result too. There was a stereo player on the wooden desk; it was playing one of her favourite songs so she tried to sing along, it seemed to be working, so she kept singing. Then a very old man worked into the room, he held the reports in his hand, he slowly walked towards the desk, he took a peek at the results he was holding before sitting down. His face bore no expression so she couldn’t tell if it was good or bad, then in a very awkward way he pulled his glasses from his eyes and cleaned them, put them back on and spoke for the first time

“Sorry for the delay, the machine suddenly packed up” he said

“No problem” Funke almost chorused her reply with the other lady

“Which of you is Grace” he asked

The other lady signified that she was Grace and he handed her result over to her, the lady grabbed her result so fast and immediately glanced at it, she burst into tears almost at once

“I am finished” she screamed repeatedly as tears flowed freely from her eyes

Funke didn’t know when she started crying, she hadn’t seen her result but she just couldn’t take it no more, she wept so hard till she got her blouse soaked in tears. It was quite a sight for the old man as he watched the ladies cry, Funke let all the tears out, she was tired of being the strong lady who believed she had things under control, she was tired of the men that always ended up hurting her, she let all the pain flow out as tears. The old man handed the result to her and walked out of the room, the other lady followed behind him, sobbing profusely. For a while she held the result in her very shaky hands, and then with all the strength she had left, she took a peek at it. There it was, her golden key to a new life, she saw the highlight on retroviral 1 and 2 negative, for a while she was very silent then she burst into tears and started laughing almost at the same time. She picked up her bags and headed for the door, fate her given her a second chance and she was going to embrace it with open arms.

You all know the drill……H.I.V is real,if you must indulge,use condoms.


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  1. Another masterpiece from my favorite budding writer! The suspense in the story left me with bated breath!! Yes reading thiz passed the message clearly! Stay Negative! Know your HIV status today! U killed it man!


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