If you are like me, then you’ll understand graphically the beauty of the hills, it’s rough stones and sharp edges. It’s so difficult to climb and takes almost all your breath away. I’ve gone hill climbing a couple of times in the past year and each experience came with its own challenges. I got stuck in the mud more times than I can remember, but the beauty came just when I got to the top and had that invigorating feel. Watching houses look so tiny and cramped up and also having the perfect feel of nature. There was one remarkable similarity with each visit and it was how we felt so good when we got to the top that we forgot how difficult climbing had been. For those that have never gone mountain or hill climbing, you definitely must have walked up the stairs and we know how tiring it gets sometimes but you definitely forget when you’re watching basketball night live with a bottle of Dr.Browns.

I want to make my illustrations as common as possible, so that the motive of this article does not elude you. I vividly recollect the lyrics of Miley Cyrus’s 2009 hit song “The Climb”. The song talks of the need to keep trying despite the obstacles and the realisation that we don’t win every time but we just need to pick ourselves up and keep going. Growing up, I came across a lot of books and one of them was Robert H. Schuler’s “Life’s not fair, but God is good”. He shared a story of his daughter that had gone bike riding with her boyfriend and lost her legs after a ghastly accident and how she refused to tag herself a cripple but instead went on to build a life.

The climb is never easy, you might trip several times, life might bruise you here and there, but you just have to keep going bearing in mind how beautiful it’s going to feel once you’re up there. We all have different “climbs”. Yours might be the struggle with drugs, it could be failed relationships and you’re wondering if you’re ever going to find love, your dreams might be going blur on you but you just have to keep pushing because you’re going to be there one day and you’ll smile. There’s always extra motivation for you, stories of people that had their climb difficult but they persisted and overcame. So keep pushing! You’re a success story, you will make it!


Few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend and got really upset; as usual I shared my thoughts on social networks. I’m really puzzled at how we have chiselled our own idea of salvation and Christianity in general. I’m a Christian and a practising one at that, but I’ve seen a lot of issues that need to be addressed. I really think it’s time our preachers examine their lives. If they live for Christ, then they should exhibit his traits. My Bible tells me Jesus was very humble, it also tells me that he was very accessible, kind and lived an exemplary life .

Today it’s really troubling when you see how churches are being run. The only thing that differentiates the “house of God” today from an Aliko Dangote venture is that they don’t sell shares! Men of God now live like celebrities while their “sheep” suffer.  The only thing members benefit are “holy proclamations” like “You shall not suffer lack or want! Can u shout an amen to that?” And then the multitude shouts amen, yes that’s pure faith being put to practice but in that congregation there is the lady that isn’t sure of her next meal or the man that can’t send his kids to school, or even the person who has no place to lay his head at night!

 Philosophers have always argued that the church is a safe abode for those lacking ,that the Church is meant to inspire hope in our hearts and motivate us through life (even when they rarely believe in God) . We so easily criticise politicians but nobody dares speak about the men of God. That would be blasphemy right? I know how sensitive this topic is so I’m trying my best to thread carefully. I might not be “righteous” enough to address this issue but I think it’s wrong when preachers acquire private jets and their members have no food to eat, I think it’s wrong when certain preachers have turned the house of God to a “family plc.” I think it’s wrong for preachers to have universities that their members on an average can’t afford
This certainly wasn’t the concept of Christianity Jesus had in mind, it’s so obvious for everyone to see, yet we inexplicably turn a blind eye to it all. I think the issue with preachers is that everybody looks up to them, to emulate and learn from them, never for once are they scolded and most times they don’t know when they get it all wrong. We all pray to God for his intervention but according to a famous Nigerian saying, “wetin we dey find for sokoto dey our shokoto”

There is money in the house of God, plenty of money and it should be used to enhance salvation, not to be used by religious leaders to acquire private jets for gallivanting and globe-trotting!

We all know how upset Jesus got when he discovered they were selling in the temple, may that wrath not befall us!

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