Inequality stares at us in the face daily. Inequality is everywhere, and it is not shy. We see it in our homes, we see it in our classrooms, and we see it in our places of work. We have grown so accustomed to seeing it that we now consider it part and parcel of our society, but this shouldn’t be so.

Inequality refers to differences in sizes, differences in degrees of circumstances, and in totality, a lack of equality. Inequality is a monster that has assumed multidimensional faces and one that was conceived by the definitely unholy union of avarice and corruption. This monster creates tension between neighbours, increases criminality, lowers lifespan and causes instability.

Many a time, we witness heinous forms of it, but we almost always consider ourselves too powerless to correct this great ill of society; to right this wrong. We have a political culture marred by corruption, and a lack of return on high taxes. Poverty has become the opium of the masses. Our courts have become a regular sight for travesty of justice!

The World Health Organisation described poverty as the greatest cause of suffering on earth. How befitting for an offspring of inequality! In as much as a lack of material wealth doesn’t depict that one is deprived, we would all be doing ourselves a great disservice if we do not stem the tide and nip this ugly cancer in the bud.

I have seen people toil day and night, night and day but yet aren’t guaranteed their next meal. They try to live happily and the poignant smiles I see on their faces make me want to shed tears. But on the other side of the divide, we have politicians who loot our treasury with reckless abandon and laugh to the bank. They disgust me!

I write with grief in my heart, with ink-bloodied hand, with blood, sweat, and tears to call for a halt to inequality at all levels. It begins with you!

Kevin A. Marteen is a freelance writer and Anatomist


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  1. I think it begins with starting to trim our fingers, to make them equal. I’m not a proponent of corruption though, but let us not allow ourselves to become disgruntled fellows who only seek to have more. Then that’s greed! Equality, in reality, does not exist in this world. Find out. Nevertheless, humility of mind and contentment should be our watchword.


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