HOPE– It is a word that has sunk deep into the hearts of Nigerians, it is the reason why we believe in a better tomorrow, it is why we keep moving, it is the reason why life still progresses despite the darkness and bloodshed that surrounds us. Nigerians as a people have held on to this for years now; it is the reason why the things we hear on the radio, watch on t.v don’t pierce through us no more because we have seen and heard worse, even our leaders and politicians have taken us for granted because they know they have the most “hopeful” citizens a nation could ever wish for.

I grew up watching the parade and catalogue of the past wondering how a nation could go through all these and stand un-perforated and have come to the conclusion that if those who were before me could experience all these and still relish better days for their “great” nation then maybe it is just my duty to emulate them and become another hopeful citizen praying for a miracle.

I’m just a young man, gained knowledge of the past basically by reading and hearing from the lips of others and perhaps these people were once young individuals who also thought it was their duty to carry on with the dreams of their fathers but for how long are we going to keep dreaming and fantasising on a better Nigeria? for how long are we going to continue with the trend of setting targets that we never accomplish? or am I just going to be another Nigerian that teaches his child how to dream and believe that there are better days ahead for all of us?. I’m sure many Nigerians my age also share in my fears.

We are part of a system where nothing works, a system where corruption has eaten into the hearts of men, a country where everybody seems to know what to do but leave actions to rest as mere thoughts scribbled on paper or words only spoken with no action. ACTION is something we have always lacked,”Truth” is a word we have so trampled upon and yet we all claim to want a better Nigeria, I’m part of those that have so often made politicians our punch bags and agree that they are responsible to a very large extent in the hardship that has so plunged Nigerian citizens but I think it is only through our personal resolutions and collective effort that we can actually advance for good. If I’m to take citing from the bible where group of individuals came together to build what was meant to be the tallest building ever and actually came close if not for timely intervention by God, it only goes to say anything is possible if we all come together to make things work.
It is good to dream and desire but without action it leads us nowhere.

Many of us don’t see any reason to fly the green flag today. We have lost complete faith in our system and to us the 1st of October is just another date on our calender. Well if we look at the epidemics and the challenges we are currently facing in this country, we tend to loose hope. When you look at the security challenges, A.S.U.U strike, bad roads, low unemployment rates and poor power supply, these are enough to make you feel downcast and question the point in celebrating our independence but please give it a second thought. Nigeria is not the president, Nigeria is not the Senators, Nigeria is not the 36 states and border lines, we are Nigeria, we are the nation itself and as long as hope still gleams in our hearts then hope still gleams on Nigeria . So just as our anthem says “Arise o compatriots”!, Arise my brothers and sisters, keep the faith and belief!.




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