If you opened this page expecting to see naked ladies and dudes doing their thing then I must break the news to you that you’re in the wrong place. I laughed when a friend told me that if you want to please your woman then you have to F.U.C.K her.


You F.U.C.K her till she is yours forever. Beauty of relationships becomes vivid when you F.U.C.K that man or lady alright. The steps below take you closer to all you have ever dreamed of in a relationship.

F- Faithfulness
U- Understanding
C- Charm
K- Kindness

By now you can see that I played a fast one on you, I specifically chose this topic because I knew it would capture you, secondly I wanted to make beauty out of the word itself.



The concept of “they lived happily ever”Is borne out of faithfulness, I grew up playing with poems and words and created this phrase “when there is no TRUST we begin to RUST”. If you want to grow in your relationship then you must recognise the fact that the first factor to consider is trust. It’s very typical in our African society to see couples that have left “trust” in its default mode. Situation’s when you can’t vouch for your partner leads to serious decline.



Understanding is very vital as nations have gone to war for the lack of it, it’s always rosy in the beginning but in relationships we have to understand that it’s not always going to stay that way. There will definitely be tough moments that push you to the edge. That’s where understanding comes in. Have you played with a Plastacine before? How it stretches out to its limit and only rips off when it can bear it no more, that’s how every true relationship should be, to be there for your partner even when it gets hard.


The epic Disney story “beauty and the beast” teaches us that it takes more than good looks to impress. It’s always beautiful when you can make every day feel like the first, when your love is ever fresh and new and when at last you’re old and bent all you’ll feel is pure satisfaction as you recount every moment. We must realize that
those little actions that we don’t consider are very important. The hugs, kisses and the whispering in the ears (mushy is the word!) might just be all you need to show your lover that it’s always going to be beautiful.


The easiest phase in the “F.U.C.K THEORY”, once your feelings are genuine then it comes naturally.  Kindness is the ability to overlook the norm and go out of your way to make your partner happy. If you’re a man when was the last time you helped out with the dishes? Or skipped your soccer game to stay home with the kids? These are just some ways we can exemplify kindness to our partners today.

I hope you have been able to absorb this article, the F word has always been used negatively and its very typical for “ceeflo” to make an attempt to draw beauty from it. So please F.U.C.K your partner some more today.


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3 Replies to “THE THEORY OF F.U.C.K”

  1. Nice one……….rilli nice one.Its my first time of visitin your blog shaaa… Its true that most pipo misuse the f word and dats bcos of narrow mindedness. Nice one dear.


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