We all grew up watching cartoons; we all loved the thrill that went with it.
Samurais fighting with swords and mortals transforming into robots. I was no
different in that sense, my undying love for cartoons became malignant at a point
and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I titled this piece “The Collaterals”. It
sounds just like “fantastic 4″, action heroes that always save the day and scare
villains. The only difference here is that it also bears serious significance to
what we’ll be discussing.

Collateral in the dictionary means “security pledged for the payment of a loan”, I’m
very certain that by now you’re probably wondering why the sudden drift from
cartoons to business.  Well considering the individuals I’d be analyzing you just
have to agree with me that no angle is too much.

Let’s try to relate the term “collateral” with our everyday life and you would see
that it works for us every day and in every way, it’s so broad that if I let my mind
stray off we’ll have ourselves an encyclopedia. So I have decided to limit it to the
softest part of our lives and that’s our heart, our emotions, the pain and joy that
comes when we string our most treasured item to one person. The only defect is that
many people are in love with “collaterals”. They love the individual they are with
but if it’s going to last you must accept the consequences.  So I put the question
to you, are you really in love? Or have you put up several patches, fake pillars and
floor boards, in attempt to keep the building standing?

How did you meet your partner? how do you intend to wow your dream girl, with
flowers? By serenading her under the moonlight? Collateral relationship is one in
which you are with each other not necessarily for love but because they feel the void
in areas you are lacking or take a personal interest in. It’s a natural phenomenon
for you want to be with a lady with long legs or with a dude that plays the guitar.
You spend your time envisaging the prospect of having a guy that drives the latest
cars. If you fit into any of the examples listed above then sorry to say you’re
either already a “collateral” lover or you’re definitely going to end up as one.
Your mind is already pledged, it’s budding with the desire to have your dreams and
imagination come to pass. So when the next lady shows up with long steaming legs
your head is going to be blind to your emotions, that is definitely going to serve
as your standard. You sure won’t take notice of the fact that she loves you for your
money or you nice ride, you won’t realize that what you have going for you is as
fake as the animation we all grew up loving. In this case the villain is the lies
you told yourself, the deceptive webs you entwined yourself with. Eventually when
the piper stops playing, when reality breaks through and then it all dawns you it
might just be too late then.


Are you in love with him because he’s well built?

Are you in love with him merely for the comfort he provides? When deep down you know
there’s  no connection?

Are you in love with him because he satisfies you completely in bed?


Are you in love with her because she boosts your ego and you seek bragging rights
with your friends?

Are you in love with her just because her feature’s meet your desires?


Relationship is a beautiful concept, its design is dynamic.  It makes you feel
complete in ways you can’t imagine but it should be true, real and sincere. The
consequences of thriving in self-deceit will be your own monologue, a story you’ll
tell to others but must you wait till you’re so torn apart?

Finally let me link up reasons why I started with the cartoons and then drifted into
business at some point. Life is not animation, heroes die here, and if you’re too
stubborn to accept the truth then you must live with the consequences.  Love is not
a business transaction it’s not bought with cheques, perfumes or the latest



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