Welcome!, this is the third episode in the series,hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. If you missed out on the previous episodes you can still get them here

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Second episode

Patrick arrived the next day, grinning from ear to ear; he was obviously delighted to see Onyinye. The way he hugged and held her tight it was as if he was hoping they could be that way forever. He kept going on and on about his journey and how much he missed her, he even volunteered to do the cooking that day. Maybe he was overjoyed to be back home or he was too tired to notice the guilt in Onyinye’s eyes. It was almost like every heartbeat, every breath brought with it a fresh surge of guilt and Patrick’s generous supply of adrenaline that day wasn’t helping in any way. If he was not talking about the weird advices his relatives had given him he was blabbing about how good it felt to be back home. For the first time she found Patrick’s presence irritating but she didn’t think it was anything serious. She assumed it was probably the guilt and betrayal eating up the part of her that wanted to laugh back at his jokes and review every detail of his trip to the village. After they had lunch she heard him snoring and she felt relieved. She found it really difficult to bear the weight of her sins and at the same time absorb Patrick’s company like nothing had happened. She finally realised how difficult acting was, it wasn’t Nollywood, there wasn’t going to be cut-scenes and breaks. This was reality and she was going to have to survive it. Then evening came and she just couldn’t wait to be in dreamland. So she did her best to keep it all together till she got into bed. She was almost drifting into dream land when she felt Patrick’s hands on her.

“I missed you so much darling, please wake up”

She knew what that meant!

With a couple of sighs and shrugs she managed to turn to the wall, she didn’t know why she was avoiding this moment with him, few weeks ago she was always the one in this position, begging and acting sensual so that he could respond. He always got back from the hospital pretty late and fagged out. Most nights sex was not top on his menu; he was always after the basics (food, sleep). Now here he was begging for her touch and all she wanted to do was to go back to sleep

“I’m really sleepy, let us wait till tomorrow” she muttered, still facing the wall.

Then it was silent for a while and all she could hear was the old ceiling fan creaking like it was about to drop, she heaved in a sigh of relief, perhaps he had seen reason. She was startled when she felt something strong hit her behind. She decided the best thing for her to do was to pretend to be asleep. It didn’t last for long, she knew he meant business when he got his hands to her breast; her ingenious scheme was obviously not working.

“Patrick stop what you’re doing please, please be considerate here. I’ve been on my feet since you got back, abeg allow me to sleep ehn

“Seriously? I’ve spent days away from you and now that I’m here this is all you can say? He sounded furious

oya,come and kill me if that’s what you want to do”

She was obviously playing mind games with him, hoping along the line he would understand that she wasn’t in the mood. That also didn’t work, few minutes after their mini-argument he was back again and this time she just succumbed. He tore open her clothes like he was searching for lost diamonds; he ravaged her like a hungry lion. The darkness helped otherwise he would have noticed that her eyes were blank and she was feeling none of it, he would have known for sure that it was one-sided. When he was done he finally slept off while she spent what was left of the night thinking. What she had feared the most was finally happening. She wasn’t feeling Patrick no more, the spark was gone. She didn’t know why she couldn’t flush Kelly out of her system, was it the sex? Or his charm?.

The next few days that followed were no different; it got worse when she had to go to the hospital to see Patrick. She felt like there was an actual arrow piercing her guts whenever she saw Kelly around. True to his words he played his part perfectly; it was almost like nothing had happened between them. A part of her was glad that her secret was safe with him but another part of her wanted him to acknowledge her better, to look her into her eyes and tell her that he was finding it difficult to forget what they had shared together. That never happened because Kelly was so deep into his script to notice that she was having trouble playing her own part. It got worse one day when she met Kelly outside a restaurant where she was having lunch with Patrick.

patricko, my man, na here you dey chop abi?” he said in his loudest voice

No be small tin, wetin man go do now, I just thought I should take my Mrs for a treat”

Then looking in her direction he shook her hands

“Madam how are you today? I hope say you dey treat my guy well oo” he asked with a smile

She was stunned at how real he sounded……

“I aarrrr mmm fine” she barely managed to reply

She was glad when they were done with the exchange of pleasantries and felt even better once they were home. She just couldn’t decipher how she felt, she couldn’t place if she was in love with Kelly but one thing she knew for certain was that she wasn’t into Patrick anymore. His jokes now sounded too dry, she started to notice that his jawline was too long and didn’t fit too well with his nose and that the eyes that had always tripped her in the past were now too tiny. All she could see were the wrongs in Patrick. Was that the price she had to pay for eating the forbidden fruit? She wondered. Then night came and just like every other night that had passed she prayed Patrick would just go to bed. That was not the case because once she got into her nighties she felt his eyes on her and he didn’t even wait for her to get to the bed before he got into action, he held her and started kissing her neck, she tried to push him away with excuses but he was having none of it, he peeled off her nighties, kissed her from her neck down to her breast, he slid his right hands between her laps and started thrusting in with little flicks. He didn’t even look up for once to see that she had tears in her eyes, sweating profusely he opened the drawer and tore out a condom. He was about to “start work” when she pushed him away

“Why did you push me away” he asked, with his eyes glaring like a rabbit that had just seen carrots.

“I just can’t deal with this anymore, never knew you were this insensitive pat, sincerely I feel I have to clear my head up”

“Clear your head up? When did we start clearing our heads up before sex? I just don’t understand, you have been acting weird and distant since I got back from the village”

“ I don’t know what say to you right now but I just think we need to give ourselves some space, I need time alone”.

With that she got to her feet, got dressed, packed as much as she could and slammed the door hard on Patrick!


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  1. Hmm… The story justs gets more interesting by the day; I can’t wait for what happens next. U thrill us ceeflod, that’s good of u!


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