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So she ran as fast as she could to her room, full of guilt and shame but at the same time she couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed sex with Kelly. The next hours that passed by just didn’t help; even when she decided to sleep it was like her mind had become a mirror of some sort. Pictures of every single moment of passion with Kelly seemed to replay in her head, just then her phone rang, when she saw who was calling her heart almost missed a beat

“Hello, darling.”

“Patrick how are you” she sounded really tense.

“I’m good darling; you can’t imagine what these villagers are making me go through here. I can’t wait to leave this place; God knows I’m missing you real bad”

“Okay….when are you coming back”

“I’d be back by next week dear, please take care of yourself for me”

“I will Pat” and with that she dropped the call.

She spent a lot of time thinking after that, she knew everything was messed up now but she had to salvage the situation. She couldn’t deal with her conscience at the moment; Kelly was supposed to be just a friend and nothing more. She just couldn’t understand why she had surrendered so easily, neither could she explain why it felt so good with Kelly. Onyinye knew what she had to do, so she reached for her phone and made the call. Kelly picked up so fast, it was almost like he had been waiting for her to call.

“Onyi…..if your calling to tell me that it was an accident and we should look past it then you have nothing to worry about, I was going to say the exact same thing”

“Well, I really don’t understand what happened today, I’m with Patrick and shouldn’t be sleeping around. What if he gets to know?”

“Then let it be our little secret, nobody has to know what we did, I guess we got carried away…..madam e no go happen again” he laughed as he made the comment

“You can still manage to crack a joke? Kelly are you even listening to yourself? We didn’t go to the movies or go window shopping, we just had sex!”

“I know what just happened, we are not kids here. You shouldn’t let it eat you up; let’s just try to look past it, definitely going to be our little secret. Onyinye you have nothing to worry about”

“Yea…. I trust you, guess I’m just overreacting, take care of yourself”

“you to dear” .

They say time melts the strongest of guilt. Like wax everything could soften and finally disappear if we just let the clock click its way through but for Onyinye every single second seemed to scratch on the scar. It got worse whenever Patrick called, the sound of his voice alone felt like lightning bolts. She just didn’t know how she was going to survive through, Kelly’s call had been assuring but she needed to see him, to look him in the eyes and tell him how important their little secret was. So she decided to go to the hospital since the guilt had failed to elude her, she figured having a real conversation with Kelly would help and deep down a part of her was longing to see him. She spotted him out as soon as she got to the hospital, tall, cute and charming as ever. As usual he was cracking jokes with some colleagues, once his gaze met hers he ended the conversation he was having. There was an abrupt change in his mood, he walked up to her with his eyes squinted, obviously trying to decipher why she had come to the hospital.

“I guess you’re already pregnant already?” he asked.

“Are you for real?” she appeared startled by that question

“hahahahahahaha…………. Maybe an angel appeared to you last night”

” well, maybe I should just head back home, coming to see you was an obvious waste of time”

With that she made an attempt to walk away but then he grabbed her hands and drew her close, maybe too close!. For half a second there they were, separated by just an inch. She could feel his breath on her face and his heartbeat but then she could feel something more, something too strong. So she quickly pulled away.

“I don’t think you should be holding me this way, don’t want you dragging me like I’m your puppet. I came here to tell you to forget anything happened between us, please try to behave when you’re around me”

“That was one hell of a speech, I don’t think holding your hands is a crime in any way” then he brought his lips to her ears like he wanted to say something really important “or is Lagos now a sharia state?”

“Kelly! You’re just impossible” now she was laughing.

“I knew you had it in you, we just had to dig it up, well you have nothing to worry about”

“Yea, I’m sorry I overreacted”

“No problem dear, I have to head back now unless you want your sweet doctor hawking gala soon”

“Hahahaha! Okay, I’ll be going then”

Then she was on her way home, she felt a lot better, she wondered if Kelly was a psychic mentalist. His presence alone was elucidating and now she felt relieved but she couldn’t deny that there was something more. She knew she felt something more for Kelly but she didn’t want to pry into it, perhaps her heart was on a quest of its own. Once she was in her room she kept thinking about Kelly, it was now becoming a craving and her mind wasn’t helping, she felt like she had Michelangelo in her head because she kept seeing images of Kelly, accurate images like someone was drawing little portraits. She could see his dimples, his neatly trimmed beards; his long legs and every little twist or curve on his body. She managed to hold on till evening. Her mind kept reeling off ideas that she wasn’t so proud of. The more her mind strayed the thicker the craving grew she could feel her nipple harden whenever her thoughts wandered too far, she could feel the moist between her laps. At last she knew what she had to do, so she reached for her phone and made the call. He sounded really sleepy

“Onyinye……..why are you still awake by this time? Did you turn your clock upside down?”


“What is it dear?”

“Kelly, can you come over please?”

He didn’t reply for a while, obviously startled at what he had just heard.

” it’s really late dear, cant it wa……….” She didn’t let him complete the statement

“Just come already!”

“Okay I’m coming then” he was obviously trying to stay calm

Kelly could sense there was a “peace offering” waiting for him, so he jumped into his car and drove as fast as he could to Onyinye’s. He was surprised to meet the door open but his shock was submerged when he saw what was before him. She stood beside her bed, naked as her first ancestors, his eyes drifted to her almond shaped breasts and almost immediately he felt the bulge between his legs. She didn’t mutter a single word but only beckoned on him with her hands; he got to her as fast as the vampire diaries “Salvatore brothers” would at the sight of blood. She tore his shorts away and started sucking on his “pole” like her life depended on it, Kelly was obviously growing impatient so he pushed her to the bed and hit her with hard thrusts like he was pounding fufu. Onyinye kept squealing like she was trying to compose a song and just when they were in their seventh heaven her phone began to ring. She was going to ignore it but then she saw who was calling!
She quickly pushed kelly away

“Hello, Patrick, why are you calling this late?”

“Darling, something just came up, I’m coming back first thing tomorrow morning. I’ve missed you and can’t wait to be with you”

Join me same time next week for another exciting episode!


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