Onyinye met Patrick on a sunny day, with the weather so hot like hell was now on earth, handkerchief in hand she tried her best to keep her face dry. Frustrated at how her day was going she had her eye brow twisted in knots; she stood by the roadside hoping a bus would come quickly. A bus came by soon enough and sitting just beside her was Patrick, he noticed how upset she looked and tried to make one or two funny comments but she was not buying any of it, all she wanted to do was to get to her room and hit the shower. When he pressed for her number she only obliged so that he could leave her alone
“I’d give you a call once I get home “he said.

He kept true to his words and just when she was about unlocking her door to let herself in her phone rang

“Look, stop bugging me” she sounded pretty upset

“Someone’s been feeding on bitter leaf” he answered amidst chuckles

She found herself laughing almost at once; he brought out the cheerful side of her even without trying. So the calls kept flowing in and then she agreed to a date, to get to know themselves. Patrick was actually a medical student who lost his parents when he was quite young and was actually sponsoring himself through school. She was touched at how much he had been through and just for descriptive purposes Patrick was as handsome and charming as any man could possibly be. He never really asked her out but it just happened! She was cooking for him, he was always with her and she just had to admit that she loved his company. They took walks most evenings and talking with him took the day’s stress off her.
“Love this walks…..” she confessed to him one evening.

“Yes, it’s something I look forward to everyday” he replied.

They walked for a long while, with his hands around her shoulders.
“How was work today?”

“I survived……so I guess it went good”.

And then he looked into her eyes and said something she was hearing for a first.

“Hope I’m never going to lose you” he said with his eyes seeking out hers in the darkness

Now that was deep!

“If every walk with you feels this good, why would I want out?” She replied

“No, not that, I’m talking about the both of us, I love what we have going, I’ve never felt this good all my life, I’ve lost everything dear to me……….sincerely I don’t want you to slip away”.

She wanted to reassure him, to tell him she was always going to be there for him, to hold him real close. Maybe it was out of pity, possible it was love but she did something way more, SHE KISSED HIM……..!. From that night onwards they kept “sailing” in whatever they had going. She knew she felt something for him but she just couldn’t place it. Was it the need to always be there for him? To be his true friend, she wasn’t sure if it was love but kissing Patrick certainly hadn’t helped. He was already introducing her to friends, making remarks like “please meet my MRS”. He was already planning a future for them, she knew what she was supposed to do, she knew she should tell him to slow down but the words never came out. So Patrick’s notion only thickened. The introductions became more frequent, especially when she went to the hospital to check on him. It was one of those days she met Kelly, he was Patrick’s classmate, and they connected instantly. Kelly seemed to know so much, he always had something to say to everything, she loved the way he could stretch you to the limits just to prove his point. He was one of those guys that enjoyed getting into friendly arguments, always wanting to make sure his presence was felt and it was quite obvious that everyone loved Kelly. Spending time at the hospital became very interesting and on a couple of occasions she got to be alone with Kelly, he was quite different from Patrick, more direct, very outspoken and cute in his own way.
He could so easily make comments like

“I like how your tube fits so perfectly with your breasts” or “with the way you looking today, I should examine you” and then he would laugh it off.

She didn’t know why but she was in a very strange way crushing on Kelly!. She knew her commitment was to Patrick and wasn’t planning on doing anything stupid but she just enjoyed the feeling.

There were times when she even went to the hospital just to have conversations with Kelly. Then came the day when Patrick informed her that he was travelling, some of his relatives had asked to see him so he was going to be away for the weekend. Over the few months since she met Patrick she had really bonded with him and spent less time with her friends, so when he travelled she got really bored. One day she was really bored; she tried cooking, flipping through old magazines and even pinging but neither seemed to help. She tried calling patrick but his phone was switched off and then she resolved to take a stroll, just then her phone rang

“Hi mademoiselle, how is today treating you”

She recognised the voice almost immediately.

“Kelly!, how are you oga?” she was happy he had called

“I’m great, just felt like hearing from you”

“Very nice of you, I’m very bored here, since pat left
I’ve been staring at the ceiling”

“I can imagine….you should come over then, there’s nobody to laugh at my jokes here and if I’m not wrong you are ideal for that role” he said

“Hahahahahaha……..okay, text me your address then”

That was it and then she was on her way to Kelly’s, it was fun from the minute she got in, they talked, laughed and played games and when he brought out the alcohol she didn’t object. So she took a few glasses, maybe way too much and then Kelly looked into her eyes and said
“You could easily pass for a queen” he said as he ran his hands down her face

“Yeah” she was already too tipsy to say much

“Just want to enjoy this moment with you” he brought his lips down her neck and kissed her softly.

“I don’t think weeeee…………..” that was all that got out.
He slid his hands down to her breasts; she let out a moan then. He placed his lips on hers and it seemed to send wild sparks down her body, he helped her out of her top slowly. When he got his lips to her nipples she let out a tiny squeal, by now her hands were searching desperately down his trousers, she soon found what she was looking for and she was at the point of madness they both got undressed and he was untop of her on the bed
“Should we do this” he asked sounding serious
“donnnntttt stop plssssss” she sounded like she was in a trance
So they had sex, several times that day and reality came just when they were done, she just cheated on Patrick and she had done it with Kelly. That just made things worse,

what was she going to do now?

To be continued…………
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  1. Ceeflo pls finish dis story o want 2 read it b4 I go 2 bed I’m serious o………….d suspense nd thrilling is just 2 much……nice one


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