Love they say is beautiful, peaceful and colourful. They say it’s the most unique experience as it melts you to the softest you could possibly be. It’s preached everywhere, every religion is structured around it, it’s every father’s first lesson to his child,the strongest and bravest of men appreciate it, heroes have died for love, even the devil believes in love. This just shows that love is possibly the most popular word on earth, its universally accepted and I am very certain that if there is any world beyond ours love is still going to be preached there.

As popular as the word is it is rarely practiced, we have fallen so short of it and have restricted it to areas of personal interest . Knowledge has not helped because the books we read growing up made us believe that love was perfect once it felt like Romeo and Juliet’s, once you are able to fight the odds to be with that true person your heart bleeds for; even in death . We have failed to observe the dynamics of Love and to appreciate the fact that it exists in diverse forms, can be exemplified in numerous ways. We can work with instances and illustrations, I have been thinking of what could possibly make a man pick a gun and go to war for his country only to get caught in a gun-fire and then falls flat on the wet mud, was he stupid? Or was just trying to satisfy his craving for war, blood and death? ,it could only be love, a deep affection for his country and people. (Maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of “GAME OF THRONES)

I would love to ask you a rather odd question “are you a lover?” And if your answer is yes, what are your bases for self-recognition; would it be the fact that you spend your night dreaming of that boy or girl? Or that you are finally married to your dream-partner? I have been trying to differentiate between love and charity and I have come to the conclusion that love is actually charity. Love is a very broad experience and we shouldn’t limit it or blind ourselves to certain aspects of it. The ability to help people in need, to give strength to the weak makes you the strongest of lovers. When you see captions like “Let love rule our world” what do you think the interpretation should be? For love to rule our world it should be demonstrated in every possible way. You are a lover when you preach and practice peace, when your conscience is alive and when you give even in the most uncomfortable circumstances.

You can start today, open up your heart more, experience love in every way you can. With your husband ,wife ,boyfriend, girlfriend, the beggar on the street, the girl with no clothes to wear and the boy with no food to eat. When finally you’re so deep in love the best you can do is to keep digging.


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