Farewell is beautiful
A glimpse into the future
Farewell is wonderful
It sets for adventure- Kolabami Adeko

It’s been four years and friends have been made, remember my first day in Benin, with my rather oversized shirt and nerdy glasses, feeling really weird at the fact that I was in a completely new environment. Looking back it’s only fair to say a lot has changed and I don’t regret opting for the University Of Benin. It was more like a wild card, flipping through schools and just choosing uniben because I wanted to be really far from home and right now I feel really grateful that I made the right decision. The thought that just weeks from now the faces I see on a daily basis are going to be really far from me is sure scary, I know they say phone calls help but there’s nothing as good as that huge bear sized hug from friends, getting to be close to them, the truth be told it’s never going to be the same again.

Sure to say that I’m leaving a changed person, there’s been a complete transformation from the rather young and naïve man that I was four years ago, we have all grown in one way or the other, I won’t say I’ve grown physical muscles in those years, I am no Hercules or Trojan soldier but the experiences have been like building blocks changing our morphology. Some have fallen in love; bonds have been made, without even realising it we have been entwined by chords holding us firmly.

I can sit back and listen to a joke from Nonso and not laugh but deep down I know that’s something I’m going to miss real bad or Omene’s ever innovative mind, his constant motivation spurred me to creating this blog, can’t start listing out names of everybody that have changed my life in one way or the other because we’ll have ourselves one very large scroll. Just last week during the carnival, everyone was dancing real hard and then Style plus’s “4 years” went up, you could feel the strength as we all sang hard because the song expressed exactly how we felt . Parting ways is something we must do, even though we are going to be miles apart the years together have been simply beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Finally I’m not aware of the criteria used in giving out the awards last week but I and a large number of us were left quite dissatisfied so I’m just going to go ahead and give out my own awards ( don’t come asking for a plaque or anything!)
Geek of the class- Omene
Mr versatile- Nonso lasorja
Mrs versatile- Adah
Sportsman of the year-Dammy
Team leader- Dubi
Most outspoken- Kevin

And it’s a wrap, I feel better now that I’ve poured my heart out, its nice when I write about love in france or talk about broken hearts but its never the same thing as writing about people that actually mean so much to you.


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4 Replies to “CLASS OF FOREVER”

  1. Thanks Dumebee for d post, well done!
    It sadens nd breaks my heart each time I remember we’ll be parting soonest. Though Its our sincere prayer to graduate, but it doesn’t change d fact dat I will miss u all to the moon and back!… It was a journey indeed, a journey dat will 4eva remain in heart. A journey dat made me knw some awesome nd amazing pple I wouldn’t hv known. Hmmmmm….. Looking back to does days in 100L makes me smile with tears rolling down my check. O boy! Like play like play oh, 4 years don waka!. But d shocking tin is dat, it seems only like Yesterday!.
    Incase I hv never told any of u dis before, do forgive me…….. Pls from d depth of my heart, I LOVE U!!!!!
    Am deeply convinced dat in d nearest future, we all are going to meet again at the TOP! #SeeYouAtTheTop#


  2. After 4 years, we all have to go back. We leave with memories and experiences, friendship and love. These 4years spent here can never be got back. Though it could certainly have been better, I’m grateful to God Almighty for how it turned out ‘cos d journey isn’t over! CLASS OF FOREVER; Forever in my heart!


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