“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”
― Voltaire ”

You complain your little boy cries too much and he’s the cause of your migraine, then you see the desperation in the eyes of the woman standing next to you when you go to the grocery store, her wishful eyes tell the story, married for ten years and still no child, she may never get to hear a child’s cry in her home unless she adopts, she has an ovarian disorder.

You grumble often that you are broke, you curse at your parents, husband or even your boyfriend but just down the street there’s that young boy with the tribal mark on both cheeks, the stale bread in his hands might just be his only meal for the day because the police just chased him from his usual spot, so he’s not going to get a chance to ask for alms.

You never appreciate being healthy because to you its a constant, its just one of those things but in the community hospital not to far from you there’s that cute little girl, she has to visit the hospital every week, she has sickle-cell anaemia and every night she has to take her medications after dinner and they are just too many for her, so often they force tears to her eyes, or the boy that has to inject himself with insulin everyday before he leaves for school because he is diabetic.

The young doctor that lost all his kids in a plane crash, four of them; he’s never going to see them again, you can imagine how gory it must have been, the nights he cried but just had to act strong for his wife who was on the brink of suicide. Most times he questioned God for bringing such sadness and pain his way, but he must accept fate and move on.

You never know the value of what you have till it’s gone. Like when you search for that manuscript when its past time to go on set or you are all dressed to go to church and then you can’t find your socks, at that point you will give anything to have it in your hands, that’s the same way certain people look for the things we have in abundance, those “petty” stuffs we overlook might just be what someone needs to smile again. Many people can’t find or afford themselves your “sparsely furnished” life, little as it seems to you, it could be all someone needs to smile. So live you life full of appreciation to God, your friends and family.


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