“If you want to go fast go alone,if you want to go far go together”-African proverb

There’s always a track set before us and whether we know it or not we stand upon it everyday. Its the race for everything we have always dreamed of,our desires,aspirations and those little steps we take towards achieving them. Most times our resolutions tend to be selfish and we neglect a lot of people,principles and morals always elevate our value but when it carries just us along then it should be questioned. Life as we know it to be,is a journey with so many bends,so many bumps,there’s always going to be disappointments whether we like it or not, we are also going to have happy moments. Does it happen to you?when you pick up an old picture or go through your family album and then you see those memories with friends,family,loved ones dead and alive all captured in still motion and then the emotions start pouring out,the point I’m trying to make here is you cannot write a script and then act it all alone,you always going to need friends and family to help you achieve your purpose faster.
So make more friends,cherish the strong bonds of family because that’s the route to everything we seek.


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I’m beginning to think life puts us in certain situations at different times, have you ever wondered why you find yourself in a place that almost immediately changes everything you once believed in and at times it happens for good, other times it doesn’t. When luck sheds its light on us we are quick to call it coincidence, well I just got this story from a friend and I’d like to share it with you all and hope you enjoy it.

Nathaniel never believed in anything, he always had a different perspective to life and things others spent time pondering on he always regarded as unimportant, he had everything going for him, tops in his class, was on the soccer team, the cheer-leaders adored him; with a magnificent poise and great build he was certainly an unofficial King. He was also a notable candidate for prom king, perhaps his being different only added to his successful profile and you just had to see the way the ladies turned their necks when he walked into the cafeteria they all virtually drooled for “hot boy Nath”. The juniors saw him as a legend and it wasn’t an unusual occurrence when he found notes stuck to his locker from his secret admirers, oh well! I am sure by now you get the picture of how good things were working out for him but the only problem was nath just didn’t care!.

He didn’t care about the girls and so often there were rumours about him being gay. Some thought him to be a big snub who only cared about himself but that didn’t bother him, he preferred to spend his nights training on the soccer field while his friends and team-mates partied. He wasn’t interested in the glamour and other things most teenagers longed for; the weed, beer and girls. The happiest his friends had seen him was when his team won the state championships, he went wild with excitement but that only lasted for the night as he returned to being “Nath” the following morning.

Nath always had this high distaste for “love-birds”, to him it was just an easier means of getting laid and he got mad at his team-mates when they talked about their relationships or sex during training. It would only be fair to say Nath was quite weird but in a really good way, he had earned his icon status by being different. Once in a while his school mates took bets that he wasn’t going to take a girl to prom or that he wasn’t going to wear a tuxedo that night and some even felt certain that he wasn’t going to prom!. Nath knew he definitely wasn’t in their mosaic but being typical definitely was mediocre to him.

Now they say hearts could grow petals even in drought and in just one moment a man’s life could completely turn around, I guess that was the case of Nath but it didn’t happen with one of the steaming cheer-leaders or the “eligibles”, it was quite the opposite. Nath woke up that morning with his usual sense of urgency, the fact that there was a game later that evening was on his mind but first of all he had to attend classes, chemistry was the first for the day and that was the morning he met with magic for just behind the Bunsen burner and wash bottles was someone!,a face he was familiar with but had never had a reason to talk to, he only really noticed her that day because they had been placed in the same group. She was no Cinderella or descendant of Barbie but yet there was just something about her, she didn’t seem to care much about his presence and even when he tried to make conversation she was quick to cut him short, now that was unusual!. He loved her guts and all through practicals he couldn’t help but stare at this lady,she intrigued him all the way but it wasn’t because she was dazzling,it was more about the fact that she “dared” ignore him. He didn’t go after “miss intriguing” that day and days passed as quick as the memories of her but destiny had its own plans .

It was only few months left to prom night and graduation, Nath was fervently working towards leaving “golden seals” behind. His sweat and efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed because he had become a legend in Pamdale high school. He still trained hard despite the fact that season play was over and it was one of those days he met the girl from his chemistry class. He was done for the day and was about heading home when he saw her, he noticed her petite figure and long black hair as she struggled with her books, it was obvious she was coming from the library, he offered to help carry her books but she bluntly refused! And that probably was the trigger for Nath, for the first time in his life he was willing to bend on his principles to unravel this lady, I would say that was the moment he unlocked the door, that was the day he stopped being a tyrant over his heart, the wax was finally beginning to melt.

Every lady always wants to know if a guy is worth her affection and that’s precisely what Shirley did(he later got to know her name). They were two people with different views on almost everything, while Nath’s favourite rock band was “Buddy Holly and the Crickets ” Shirley preferred to listen to the “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, Shirley was quite religious unlike Nath who actually didn’t believe in God. Despite all odds they became friends and there was a shock that swept across everybody when they found out Nath had a “female friend” to them it felt like a mountain had just moved!. They were always seen together and he even took her to training on different occasions and he just didn’t know when he fell in love. Life is always going to put tests in front of us to see how strong our desire to be together is and in Nath’s case it was just a little misunderstanding that escalated into something big and I guess their ego made things worse for them but it also helped him discover himself,his heart had finally become a reflection of everything he wanted for beneath the success,fame and the name he hard carved out for himself was a man who just wanted to love, a man who just wanted to live life with a girl who had won his heart, she wasn’t a super-model or a diva; he had fallen for her because she had her been her true self with him. So Nath knew what he had to do, he couldn’t imaging life without Shirley, so with his knees to the ground, tears in his eyes and love in his heart he pleaded to Shirley to forgive him, he didn’t make this proposition in the basement of his house or the alley six blocks away from school, he poured out his affection in front of the entire school !. Here was a man that had been signed out of the “love-list”, nobody thought he could feel so much for someone other than himself but there he was on his knees begging Shirley.

That’s the power of love, love isn’t the well built guy or the pleasantly structured lady, its not silicon breasts, love is never going to be the designer clothes we buy or the man that drives the sports car. Love is not the roses, the dinners, the phone calls and love is never going to be about the sex. Love is that special feeling that makes us look beyond all these and still want so much of someone. Its the power that drives you to do things you never knew you could, its strong enough to bring a soldier to tears, to pull a warrior to his knees.

I believe in love and I think there is something magical about it, strong as a spell cast from a wizard’s wand, when it strikes you lose sight of all you have always stood for, believed in and from that moment you begin to define yourself with this new individual you just let into your heart, and you crave things that you once despised, you become brand new and you enjoy being this new person that you have become, so love more and feel more.Copyright

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