Time is only counted by the unsatisfied -Ceeflo

We never know the exact time when we grow, we never know when we fall asleep, when our hearts stop beating and we are thrown down into the embrace of warm earth. Then our achievements are counted by those that yet live, our life summarised in a few words or perhaps a biography and then its all over. Your decades on earth summarised in a short essay and then with time your memories still vivid in the mind of few begins to fade. How much tears can you draw from those that loved you? how long will they hold unto your memory?

So often I sit and draw up pictures in my head, once in a while I go to busy streets, markets and I see the massive crowd and it always leaves me perplexed when I dare to imagine the number of dreams left unfulfilled, hope so often dashed, purpose unfulfilled and then it makes me wonder how thin the line between success and failure is. I would like to give you an illustration and hope it captures the reason for my writing today and that it somehow invigorates your imagination and leads you towards a better path. It’s so common when we concede to inequality that surmounts us and look down on others whom at one time had dreams and aspirations of what they wanted to be but had their dreams trampled on by hardships of life.

Some never got a chance to stand on the path to fulfilment because they toiled far away from their dreams but everyday we get the chance to live our dreams or work towards it, not because we are special but because we are amongst the few blessed by life itself. I look at the orphans in Liberia and the refugees in Somalia they didn’t ask for that fate, if God himself had us cast ballots, if in his mercy he granted us a chance to choose how we desired to walk through life, it’s very certain we will all opt for the best. If you are one of those that feel cheated or deprived by life and your dreams seem like a mirage, if you are scared of what the future holds for you and you are about giving up, you just have to understand that greatness has so often been found in odd places, people have dared to dream, striven towards it with a heart lofty with purpose and they conquered.

Just as I sat down to write this I got a broadcast from a friend and here is what it said, “for an arrow to be shot you must surely pull it back”. So when life pulls you back, don’t worry cause it will lead you forward to greatness. Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give and in the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years”

Wish you all the best.



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