The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis (Oxford dictionary)


You are my perfect symmetry

My life was but a cemetery

Feeble, very cold and dead 

Love I used to dread 

But you came and I dared 

To fall and fall……(X)


“Hey dear, it’s 3am and I’m really cold, I just wish you were here, my mind keeps trailing after the memories of you, I think of you all the time and every night before I go to sleep I’m sure to dream of you. You will always be the centre of my universe, you are the reason why I dare to put my feet out everyday, I soliloquy very often these days. Something crazy happened today at work! I was talking to myself and I didn’t notice when my boss walked in….it was really! that was one embarrassing moment, but it was worth it, an hour without thoughts of you will be meaningless. Some memories will always be picture clear in my head, those defining moments like the day we met for the first time or the day I proposed to you, those moment were divine. Remember when your brother Dan passed away, you were so devastated that you cried so much and you made me reassure you that I was never going to live your life and that I was always going to be there for you. I used to be a player till I met you and sincerely I thought you were going to be one of “those” ladies but then your magic sprung forth, I fell for you for the simplest reasons, you caught me under your spell, my body quakes when I wonder what life would have been like for me if we never met. I spent most of my life going to church and praying for a miracle, I always assumed miracles were never meant for me and then you came into my life and for every reason I’m thankful to God because you are the best thing that ever happened to me.


When you were diagnosed with Cancer, for the first time in years I cried but you just looked at me and smiled, you told me everything was going to be fine, I trusted your words, through the chemotherapy period and even when you lost your hair you still sparkled to me. I guess I was scared of the obvious, pushed away those thoughts and now its just me and our little boy, He’s never going to know what an angel his mum was but I know he’s going to grow into a special person just like his mum. You should see him now, he just grew his first tooth, he looks just like you with those round eyes and sweet smile, am proud of our son.


I wonder whether God is unfair for taking away my sunshine just when I was beginning to enjoy its radiance, but I feel blessed to have met you and you are forever going to live in my heart, I’m done shedding tears, I have to be a man at least for our boy but I sincerely don’t know how I’m going to do this without you and yet it’s something I must do. I love you dear forever.


                                  Your soul mate




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