I grew up with Isabelle, can’t remember a time in my childhood when she wasn’t around, the beautiful memories we created for ourselves. I remember how we played as kids and the innocence that hung around us; I’d probably cherish those moments for life. I’m certain I’d be incomplete if I didn’t have those memories that have somehow created this warmth in my heart and I’ve clung to them for years.


I remember how we built sand castles, how we laughed about nothing in particular, how we held hands when we walked, our friendship was a perfect symphony. I remember the fights, laughter and the tears. I became her brother even without knowing it, I was always there to soothe her when one of her many “episodes” with guys ended badly. I was there to congratulate her when she graduated from college, we were the perfect definition of what friendship is and deep down we both knew what we had was going to last a life time.


I guess life has its way of teaching us a thing or two and our self believe in whatever picture our mind has held unto for so long could change in just one moment. I think we’ve all had those moments, when life hits you so hard with its fist that you are left helpless but I never saw mine coming. I never envisaged myself falling in love with Isabelle and it happened in the simplest places, just a normal stroll down the park and it suddenly dawned on me, I was in love with Isabelle!


I was scared at first, scared of what I felt within, I feared if I flowed with the tides in my heart I would be betraying our friendship so I remained her friend for a very long time. I had my fair share of relationships but never for once did my heart wander away from Isabelle. I dreamt of the day I’d mean more to her and just when I began to get comfortable with my dreams, I received the most shocking news of my life. Isabelle came to my house one day grinning from ear to ear and then I heard those words that changed everything “I’m getting married” she said. Looking back now I really don’t know how I managed to stay composed that day, I should have poured out the vehement feelings I had held onto for so long but instead I congratulated her, told her I was happy for her and I wished her all the best. I managed to play that part for a few weeks, I tried not to let my emotions contradict the friend that I should be but I guess love has a piper that plays its tune and we just have to answer to it. Suddenly I knew I couldn’t take it no more, I just had to set things straight so I hopped into my car drove down to her house, there was a heavy downpour that day, each rumbling of thunder helped remind me how bad my life would suck if I didn’t have the girl of my dreams in it, I was shivering but I really didn’t care because my true warmth was some blocks away from me, so I walked up to her door rang the door bell and there she was radiant as ever and I just looked into her eyes and the words began to pour. I told her how badly I was in love with her, told her how much I felt, she just stood there speechless but once I was done speaking I felt better, I walked back to my car and drove away, it took her quite a while to come around, she later opened up to me that she always felt something more but also didn’t want to ruin our friendship.


Its been ten years since we got married, splendid experience so far, I couldn’t have asked for more, I thank God everyday that I was courageous enough to relate my feelings to her, can’t imagine what life would have been without Isabelle. So if your out there and your faced with something similar, its only best you let your feelings known, because I’ve come to realize that love is worth everything.


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