Don’t we all flash-back at the past, those memories we cling to, the moments we know we would never have again, like when you received your first bicycle, had your first crush; the special feeling that flows with it and the realisation that there’s never going to be a replay. Everyone has those memories, some memories add to our pains and we just want to run away from them, sometimes they make us smile, sometimes they make us feel rejected, other times they leave us satisfied but whether good or bad we can’t run from them because they help define who we are; each occurrence all coming together to form a puzzle and with each passing day there’s always going to be another line added to the long chain of memories. Some memories I’ve held unto since I was really young and they have somehow carved me into the person that I am today, with these in mind, bearing fully that there’s never going to be a replay of how we live our life today,its only going to be futile to re-act yesterday.


Having this consciousness in mind, it should serve as our guide to live our life the best way we can, no point harnessing the pain and regrets of the past, no point holding onto the mistakes of yesterday; with a strong resolve its best to move on. Unconscious to us we are telling a story, the only difference is, we are our own audience, we are acting a movie in our subconscious, a movie we’ll see alone. Don’t you want to look back ten years from now and smile? its high time we let go of the grudges wrapped within us.


When we are weary, old and sitting on that cane chair, too feeble to speak, when our mind is only set on a recollection of every single moment, every single pattern to which we’ve journeyed through life, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a thousand reasons to smile, to be at peace with ourselves? All those experiences we have always wished for, now is the time to have them. If you must love now is the time, if you must give this is the perfect moment. There is no clear definition of life, we define it ourselves. I’m just a guy finding his way through life too and my writing is also a lesson for myself as well,God bless



Nigerians have always been very Patriotic, we are possibly the most spirited individuals on earth. I remember some years ago when Nigeria lost out of the World cup after some lacklustre performances and what could only have been “Juju” possessing Yakuba and Keita, I vividly remember the mood that hung in the air that day,I saw people curse and swear. Its amazing as to how twelve young men can hold the gaze of millions of Nigerians for ninety minutes, how individuals from different ethnic groups and social class can come together to identify with this group of young men, mindless of the day’s stress; that’s the beauty of Football but that’s not why I’m writing this piece.


Some years back a vast majority of us swore never to see another display from our “super eagles” but I was surprised at the hype they received just prior to the game against Burkina Faso. I assumed perhaps there was going to be a difference this time so I decided to see the game. I basically walked in the rain hoping this New team handpicked by Keshi would make Nigerians proud and It was all going as I had envisaged till the last minute when they once again proved to us why we shouldn’t take them serious and I went home really disappointed.


I always make sure I don’t see a football game on my own because there’s no fun in it, so I always ensure I am in the midst of football fanatics because I enjoy seeing jubilant faces after a really good game and when the game doesn’t end so well at least I always have people that share in my mood and I guess it helps. What’s surprising is when I see people cry when super Eagles lose a game, what were they expecting?


Well I hope they break the jinx in their next game and prove to us that they are indeed super.



Nigeria 2-Zambia1


IMAGINE THIS (exclusive to guys)

That moment when you hop into a bus and just as you take your seat you notice this really cute lady beside you, quickly you flash a smile and luckily for you she returns the smile then you take your seat and start racking your head thinking of the best way to start a conversation. You bring out your phone and start sending some imaginary text messages just so she assumes your occupied with something and just then she brings out a hand fan and you seize the opportunity, “wow! thanks…. just what I need” you say, she smiles and gives the hand fan to you and then you start fanning yourself vigorously like you want it to get to everybody on the bus. Then you realize you are almost close to the bus stop and time is running out so in your well tuned voice you say “beautiful day, isn’t it?” She responds with a nod, not what you were expecting but a least its a reply so you decide not to give up. By now you are already sweating profusely, you can see the bus stop just ahead and you know you have to step up your game, just then your phone rings, you are about to end the call when you notice its from your boss, so you answer it and he informs you of some files he wants you to pick up on your way but you pay no heed to him because your brain is a thousand miles away, the phone call ends just as you get to the bus stop. You let her highlight from the bus first and then you catch a glimpse of her perfect figure immediately your mouth begins to water, just then an idea occurs to you, obviously your last chance to salvage the situation, you volunteer to pay her bus fare and just as you reach for your wallet you hear a voice “mummy, mummy Bisi is pinching me”. You turn around and you see a man coming down from the bus, he is walking towards you with two kids, the kids run towards the lady you spent the last twenty minutes trying to start a conversation with, then it suddenly dawns on you that those are her kids and the man is most likely to be her husband; they had been on the bus all along but you had been too deep in your plot to notice them. Now you watch, speechless as they walk away from the bus the perfect picture of a happy family.



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