A view from my shades

ttyytkmDr. Ima)

(A)”its you peyton, you’re the one I wanna spend my life with”

(B)”I love you, yes I mean “you”

I need you to look at the Phrases above, I’m sure you must have noticed the difference by now. Phrase(A) is an excerpt from the famous TV soap “one tree hill”.
Its the part where Lucas realises how much he loves Peyton and he immediately pours out his feelings to her which was a magical moment for them both and it ended with hugs and kisses. This gives us a glimpse of what the “western love” looks like.

Phrase(B) is a typical Nigerian lady, u can decide to call her Adetola, Nkechi or mariam, I guess she’s in love with Mark, Charles, ifeanyi etc so to be on the safe side she just calls them “you”. I would like to give you more illustrations
1. Can’t wait to be with you @you
2. Life without you sucks @you
3. We’re perfect for each other @you

Our Nigerian ladies have resorted to the @you kind of love, I’ve been racking my head for a clear definition of what the @you love is and here is my definition- “The @you love is the category of love that empowers a lady to be in relationship with so many guys at the same time 2.It enables the lady to thrive comfortably in her world of deceit 3. It gives her an edge over the powers of “21st century social networks” in such a way that her PM’s can’t expose her (Don’t ask me what dictionary I go that from!).

So many guys are in love with such ladies, they are everywhere, it’s almost viral especially in these part of the world, true love is now almost extinct, its only found on screen where the actor and actress have to recite from a script. I guess its probably because of certain factors. The truth be told, the “Nigerian factor” has finally robbed us of the few meaningful things we held onto despite the poverty and hardship that ravages our society, the day to day hustling has finally perforated true feelings and emotions. You don’t expect a lady that has nobody training her in school to believe in love? or a lady that has to train her siblings in school to accept flowers from you, this is very similar to what I wrote about the last time, so she must hustle(man must survive!) and if one guy ain’t enough for her she’s going for number2, then 3 and before you know it she has a “football squad” of lovers.

I’m sure there are so many guys out there that just wish the circumstances were right and they could be Lucas, please wake up bro, you’re not going to win the lady of your dreams by throwing pebbles at her window, we just have to accept the fact that the @you love has come to stay.

Happy new year

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4 Replies to “A view from my shades”

  1. D @you stuff isn’t restricted τ̅☺ ladies alone, its also. Peculiar τ̅☺ guys even more dan d ladies, so ur article is like defending ur mail counterparts & bad mouthing d female which is nt fair


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