There is no clear definition of true love, if you decide to take a white bearded professor’s definition then you might as well go all grey and die of loneliness. Personally I’m of the opinion that love has evolved and its always in a state of change.  Just two decades ago the concept of love and relationships were different and somewhat easier.

With the surge in technology and fashion in our society, issues of the heart have become very technical, now you don’t just see a lady you like and  ”toast“ her popsy with a few bottles of dry gin in order to buy her over or work for her father for a couple of years just like our biblical Jacob. There are no shortcuts to it. You only earn  your lady by your personal efforts, your willingness to go all the way to make her ”feel“ you.

Today’s piece is strictly from my own perspective and I could as well be very wrong and if I am, I must apologise beforehand.  I just feel the ”21st- century love“ is very difficult and is not defined by red-roses, sweet words in the park, or by serenading the love of your life in the moonlight, it has gone way beyond that and if you’re a guy and you still live in that world then I could as well say I feel sorry for you !.

Every lady has her threshold and they only start “falling” when you have gotten to that point. Now I’m going to give you an illustration to make it clear to you. If Lady A decides that her boyfriend must have a car and you’re still hopping from one commercial bike to another, lol! even if you wake Shakespeare from the great beyond to write you some punchlines or you buy her the finest roses, you will just be wasting your time.

I can’t start writing  some really pathetic stories I’ve heard, of how far guys have gone to ”belong“ and it’s quite disheartening. According to them, they just want the girl of their ”dreams“ but if your dreams start displaying far-fetched images to you then it should be questioned. Then as for the ladies, their ”high-standards“ have so often led them to guys with no souls;  cold-blooded guys that should be left in an aquarium and they always suffer for it. I’m not making an assertion, neither am I saying you can’t find love in ”those“ places. If you’re a lady reading this, I’m sure you will agree with me that you have rejected a guy at least once, not because he wasn’t good enough,  but because he didn’t meet up to your standards.

Now this is where I round off, I’m no love doctor so I didn’t write this to proffer any solution. All I can say is  ”when you’re in love, make sure you’re in love“ because that’s the only thing that counts at the end of the day. The societal inequality that surmounts us today is not going to fade away anytime soon. It’s always good to dream big, but patience and contentment should always be in place.

Merry Christmas



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